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CBD Capsules

The term 'CBD oil' has become increasingly popular in recent years, and more people are regularly incorporating CBD products and CBD gel capsules into their daily life. Cannabidiol (CBD) has undoubtedly become a part of many peoples' routines across many cultures, for the simple reason that it possesses a multitude of health benefits. As well, CBD gel capsules are quite simple to consume.

That being said, many of us feel obliged to educate ourselves about what we eat, why we eat, and what it does to us. At Nordic Oil, our commitment to establishing awareness, educating people, and making full spectrum CBD products more accessible is at the forefront of our ethos and resonates in our high-quality and innovative products.

We recommend taking some time to research, understand and make informed decisions while buying Nordic Oil CBD products. Below is a detailed summary of our CBD softgels.

What are CBD capsules?

Full spectrum CBD capsules are simply CBD oil packed into gel capsules form.

Just like CBD oil, using CBD oil capsules is a straightforward process. CBD Oil capsules helps those who otherwise cannot tolerate the earthy taste of plant extracts in oil. As well, people who are new to CBD can also find the flavor of hemp off-putting, making CBD oil capsules a solid alternative. In this respect, CBD oil capsules are a handy, tasteless, and hassle-free method for ingesting CBD and other cannabinoids into our system.

CBD oil capsules come in different sizes, strengths, and varieties, which helps you to choose the right product that suits your preferences. Some people do not feel comfortable with taking CBD oil capsules, simply because it’s not as easy as swallowing food or consuming liquids. To ensure safety while taking CBD capsules, be sure to swallow the CBD capsules with a lot of water.

Before we go deeper into the science behind CBD capsules, let’s look at why Nordic Oil full spectrum capsules use the ‘soft gel’ formula and why our CBD capsules can be beneficial for your general wellbeing.

What is a CBD capsule made from?

Our CBD softgels are produced from certified organic, non GMO hemp. Our organic hemp is grown in greenhouses, in both Colorado and Nevada. Our hemp undergoes a co2 extraction to activate the cannabinoids which form our European quality CBD oil. Our CBD products undergo regular quality checks and are third party tested. Depending on climate and seasonality, we source our hemp from different suppliers to guarantee that we always get the highest quality CBD product.

The CBD oil used in the CBD softgels is full-spectrum CBD oil that contains all of the naturally occurring substances found in the cannabis plant, including; plant terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids. These work together to optimize the effect of the cannabinoids in the CBD softgels, and lend the entourage effect due to the co2 extraction on our full spectrum oil made from the aerial parts of the hemp plant.

Our CBD capsules are gluten-free and free from artificial preservatives or colorings. These CBD products are of the highest quality and are certified with our third party lab tests, available to view and download directly from our website.

Traditional Capsules Description

Traditional Softgel Capsules

  • Shelf Life: Long shelf life
  • Effect: Degradation of the active substance as it passes through the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Manufacturing: Can be manufactured at home, two-piece capsules are convenient to purchase.
  • Cost: Low manufacturing cost and quick to the market
  • Suitability: Solids and powdery substances

Are CBD capsules suitable for beginners?

One could argue both ways.

The CBD oil in our CBD capsules are the same as our Full Spectrum CBD oil, sourced from organically grown hemp.

Beginners to CBD may not be used to the prominent ‘earthy’ terpene profile in the taste of our Full Spectrum CBD oils. As well, they may find the sublingual method of taking CBD a little uncomfortable. For those who are used to taking pills, Full Spectrum CBD in capsule form offers a familiar option, using CBD.

Our lab tested Softgel CBD capsules also provide a quick ‘on the go’ option. Each bottle contains a 60 count, making for one month's worth of CBD with two capsules advised per day. Our carrier oil is MCT fractionated coconut oil, and is the same formula for our full spectrum CBD oils.

Also, the strength of CBD in our CBD capsule formulations are available as both 10 mg or 25 mg dose, and contain 10 mg or 25 mg of CBD per capsule. The CBD capsules are suitable for both micro dosing alongside other forms of CBD, and standard dosing with the CBD capsules serving as the sole form of CBD, depending on the users preference.

Our Full Spectrum CBD oils on the other hand, are available in several strengths; beginning with 500 mg containing 8 mg of CBD per ½ dropper, the 1000 mg with 17 mg of CBD per ½ dropper and going up to 2000 mg, with 33 mg of CBD per ½ dropper. Depending on how you use CBD will determine which route of administration is best for you.

As well, based on user experience, you have more flexibility with the dosage by consuming Nordic Oil Full Spectrum CBD Oil sublingually. If you are a beginner who is eager to incorporate CBD as a part of your daily supplements, you may begin with the 500 mg CBD oil, and gradually increase the strength.

Some people who are new to CBD also opt to try CBD in an isolated form, which is the purest form of CBD, and does not contain all the terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids. What might be missed is the entourage effect.

Individual choice is best to determine whether CBD capsules or other forms of CBD products are for you. If you have specific questions, our team of dedicated experts in our customer service team are happy to assist you.

How to take CBD capsules?

Using CBD capsules is simple and easy due to the confirmed pre-dosage.

Take the suggested quantity (eg: 1 CBD Softgel), place in your mouth, and swallow. If you are not comfortable swallowing CBD capsules, we advise taking them together with a beverage of your choice.

How many capsules should I take?

The recommended daily dose of CBD capsules is up to 2 capsules per day. If you are taking 10 mg CBD capsules, each capsule contains 10 mg of CBD, which is slightly higher than one dose of our 500 mg CBD Oil which contains 8 mg of CBD per .50 mL, equal to ½ a dropper.

Based on your needs, personal experience with CBD, or doctor’s advice, the dosage may be modified accordingly.

How long does the effect from the capsules last?

The food we consume interacts within our body in a complex way. Similarly, CBD interacts through several different systemic processes, which research is still seeking to understand.

For best results, take into consideration the following: goal, lifestyle, body weight, metabolism, route of administration, dosage, frequency of intake, and any other pre-existing health conditions. These factors are important to consider in order to evaluate the time your body takes to break down, and metabolize the CBD capsule.

Upon ingesting CBD capsules, the body takes steps to release the effects of the capsule. You should feel the effects in approximately 60 minutes. This timing is due to the ‘first-pass effect’, as the capsules must first pass through the digestive system. The effects of the capsules then last for 4-6 hours.

On the other hand, CBD oil that is taken sublingually is absorbed by the body within 20-40 minutes, and the effects last for 4-6 hours. The main difference lays in preference, and ease of dosing which may be important for some.

What is the difference between capsules and tablets? Which is the best for me?

CBD products come in different forms that can be consumed through different routes of administration. The best option must be based on your personal preferences to determine what will be most effective for you. Each form has its unique pros and cons. What suits you, might not suit another person as each of us have unique criteria to determine what is most effective for our health.

When it comes to taking CBD, we advise that you follow the step-up method or the ‘start low, go slow’ approach in order to find the most sustainable and consistent benefits possible. At Nordic Oil we are driven to aid in your education on CBD with reliable information and awareness of frequently asked questions in mind.

Let us take a quick overview of the differences between tablets and capsules.

Tablets, and Capsules are regularly used for oral administration, and capsules may potentially be better suited as a suppository or pessary, depending on your specific condition.

  • Tablets are metabolized by the body. The constituents travel to the liver, are absorbed into the bloodstream, and then are released in a selectively distributive pattern within the body.
  • With traditional capsules, once the outer shell is broken down in the digestive tract, the CBD constituents contained within are metabolized by the body, travel to the liver and are absorbed into the bloodstream, also in a distribution pattern depending on where the ECS calls for the cannabinoids.
  • Tablets come in different shapes, colors, and sizes, and they can either be swallowed or chewed. Capsules are mostly cylindrical shaped. They come in different colors but cannot be chewed.
  • A tablet can be broken up, powderized, or dissolved in water. Capsules may easily be opened, but we do not advise doing so before ingesting, or the anticipated results may vary.
  • Tablets are solids. Capsules contain or carry solids, powder, or micro granules.
  • Potency and bioavailability are degraded during the various phases of digestion, metabolism, and excretion in both tablets and traditional capsules.

Benefits of capsules

Today, the health and wellness landscape has transformed. More people are regularly popping several nutritional supplement capsules on a daily basis. Although we may take supplements on a daily basis, there is no certainty as to the rates of absorption by the body, as much of the supplement gets degraded in the digestive system.

General safety precautions

Generally, there are few to no adverse side effects reported with consuming CBD capsules. However, on a case-to-case basis, one may experience dry mouth, mood changes, or drowsiness. Again, these reactions may vary based on age, metabolism, lifestyle, prevailing health condition, ongoing medication for any disease or condition, etc.

  • For people suffering from any ailment or health condition, please make it a practice to talk to your medical advisor about incorporating CBD into your wellness routine.
  • Misleading ‘DIY’ video tutorials on how to make CBD capsules at home should be taken with a grain of salt.
  • Several important aspects of the encapsulation process such as; safety, quality, levels of THC, contamination, toxicity, and storage must be closely monitored.
  • Validated lab results ensure quality standards in production and are helpful to measure that the process was carried out by a professional, or someone familiar with the QC assurance process.
  • When taking CBD capsules, try to follow a well-balanced diet, drink water regularly, maintain an active lifestyle, and consistent daily dosing with CBD could help make your day complete.