CBD for Asthma
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CBD for Asthma
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CBD is an acronym for Cannabidiol. A compound constituent found in hemp and cannabis that lacks the intoxicating and addictive effects associated with other cannabis compounds such as Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Due to this, it is legal, sold and used in many countries around the world.

Statistics based on research from WHO estimates, 235 million people suffer from asthma. Asthma is the most common chronic disease among children. That’s not all, this percentage is rapidly growing over time. Although asthma is not classified as an exhausting condition, it could as easily turn your world upside down. Here is a breakdown of what this ailment is and a common remedy for asthma.

What is Asthma?

Asthma is a chronic disease that affects a person’s airways thus making it very difficult for them to breathe. This ailment entails inflammation in an individual’s air passages that prompt them to contract temporarily. This contraction occurs in air passages that supply oxygen to your lungs hence creating breathing difficulties.

Asthma has become a very serious condition. This is supported by the fact that almost 2 million people suffering from this condition visit the hospital each year.

Why does CBD work for treating Asthma?

As mentioned above, asthma is a chronic inflammatory ailment that affects the air passages to your lungs. What some of you might not know is that CBD provides a really strong anti-inflammatory agent. The main reason why CBD is good in treating asthma is that it is very powerful in managing aggrandized inflammatory responses in the patient’s body.

What are the benefits of using CBD to treat Asthma?

Generally, using CBD for asthma treatments comes with quite a number of benefits. Among the best benefits of using this technique to curb asthma include the following:

Mitigating Muscle Spasticity

CBD plays a significant role in mitigating muscle spasticity. Bronchospasm (bronchial spasms) are sudden contractions of the lung muscles. This constriction leads to breathing difficulties with the subjects’ reactions ranging from mild to extremely severe cases. The hallmark sign or symptom of asthmatic complications is the stated complication- Bronchospasms. This is where CBD can help. CBD has proved, not only in one case but several others to be very effective in reducing or completely eradicating muscle spasms. The advantage of using CBD for the treatment of asthma is the fact that it is very safe to consume. Previous users have experienced zero or minimal side effects after using it to treat this condition. You only have to follow all the prescription instructions that have been given if you want to achieve the best results.

Reliable researches and studies conducted have proved that it has something to do with CBD found from certain specific cannabis strain. CBD contains effective muscle spasm relief effect. This is very significant in hitting the bronchial muscles. In the end, the effect is a relaxed body and better breathing. By relaxing your lung muscles, the airways supplying oxygen to the heart expand, allowing easy breathing.

Pain Relief

CBD also plays a very vital role in relieving asthma-based pains. If you are still not sure about the effectiveness of CBD on asthma, try not to forget about its ability to relieve pain. Even though pain isn’t among the primary symptoms of asthma, over three-quarters of people dealing with asthma attacks complain of chest pains.

For folks with severe asthma attacks, these pains can become pretty uncomfortable and even get to excruciating levels. It is, however, paramount to keep in mind that there aren’t any pain receptors present in a human being’s lungs. The pains experienced by people dealing with asthma arise from the difficulties they face in breathing.

Although there haven’t been any studies yet that specifically look at the effectiveness of CBD in abolishing asthma-related pains, it is crystal clear that it alleviates muscle spasticity and pressure from the lungs. This, by itself, is good enough in curbing these pains when breathing as it allows a smooth flow of air, lessening the stress applied to the muscles.

The Endocannabinoid System & Asthma

Research on the impacts and effects of different drug types on the endocannabinoid system has been conducted for quite a while now. This research has hit many barriers over the period of time it has been going on. Eventually, it was established that this system plays a very major protective role against certain diseases with asthma being one of them.

CBD Dosage For Asthma

Every person is different and everyone reacts differently to CBD. The recommended dosage varies from product to product, which can lead to confusion. The dosage also varies depending on the percentage of CBD oil used. On average, a dose of 5-10 mg CBD per day can be recommended to most people. The optimal dosage can provide positive effects, while the wrong dosage often promises no improvement. So start with a low dose and if necessary increase the dosage until hopefully the symptoms improve. This is of course different for each person and should be monitored. For more details on dosage, read our article on CBD dosage. We usually recommend the Step Up method.

Step Up Method

We recommend the Step-Up method to find out the ideal dosage.

  1. First decide on a micro or standard dosage. Leinow & Birnbaum recommend in their book “CBD: A patient’s guide to Medical Cannabis” to start with a microdose for asthma (see table). The dosage can be carefully increased to a standard dosage.
  2. If you have chosen one of the dosage tables, search for your body weight in the left column. If it is between the values shown, refer to the value which is closer to your weight
  3. Start at the lowest daily dosage under Week 1. This is your starting dosage. Keep it for one to two weeks.
  4. Listen to your body and take notes if necessary. If necessary, you can then increase the dose to the next step, maintain one to two weeks and so on. The drops do not have to be taken all at once. For larger quantities, it is advisable to divide the drops into morning, midday and evening.
  5. If you notice any negative effects, reduce the dose. It is not a question of increasing the dose steadily, but of finding the ideal dose. Due to the two-phase effect, both a too low and a too high dose are less effective.
  6. Once you have found a dose that you feel comfortable with, keep it. This will be your target dosage from now on.

About the graphic:
The numbers represent the number of drops and the concentration of CBD oil. Example: 6 x 5 stands for six drops of 500mg CBD oil. CBD oil with different concentration can be substituted (Example: Four drops 1500mg CBD oil correspond to twelve drops 500mg CBD oil).

CBD dosage: Micro dose
CBD Dosage: Standard dose

How can I use CBD to treat Asthma?

The most recommended mode of using CBD to treat asthma is by making use of CBD oil. If you choose to take CBD oil orally, simply put some drops underneath your tongue and hold it until it gets fully absorbed in your mouth. Don’t swallow it right away, rather wait for it to be absorbed. This makes digestion and absorption much easier. You can also take it as capsules or mix it with a drink.

What is Research Saying About Using CBD For Asthma?

Over the last few years, hundreds of medical studies focused on researching the effectiveness of CBD in asthma treatment have been conducted by several research institutions and organizations all over the world.
Generally, studies undertaken endorse the effectiveness of CBD in the treatment of asthma. They prove that for individuals suffering from Asthma, embracing the idea of using CBD to treat asthma is a step closer to properly managing this disease. The studies were conducted by various professionals, institutes and organizations that support CBD’s effectiveness in handling asthma. This is a clear indication that it is currently one of the safest treatment methods for this condition.

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