CBD for Cancer
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CBD for Cancer
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Cancer has been one of the most serious health conditions plaguing humans and animals for a long time. Thankfully, there are several alternative treatments and supplements that can help counter the condition. According to studies, CBD for cancer treatment is one of the most outstanding options for alleviating symptoms (without any uncomfortable side effects) that you can count on.

CBD Treatment for Cancer

A compound extracted from hemp and cannabis plants, cannabidiol (CBD) has proved crucial in the fight against cancer and tumors. The cannabis plant from which CBD is extracted has seen a fair share of use in different societies over the centuries. From the traditional Chinese medicine to Greek lore, India’s Ayurvedic practice and more, this herb has established a foothold in the medical world. CBD oil for cancer continues to come to the aid of humanity. Mostly, this medicine proves crucial thanks to its interaction with the endocannabinoid system. This way, it can help maintain the body’s balance and so much more.

CBD’s interaction with Endocannabinoid’s receptors

This system comprises two primary receptors, cannabinoid 1 (CB1) and cannabinoid 2 (CB2). According to studies, Cannabinoid 1 receptors are in the brain as well as the central nervous system. The CB 2, on the other end, is available in the spleen, immunity system and other such structures.

These receptors will respond differently according to the type of cannabinoid. For instance, THC has more affinity to CB1, but it comes in as an agonist for the two. As such, it binds with and activates both cannabinoid types.

On the other end, CBD acts indirectly against the cannabinoid agonists rather than binding directly with them. Hence, CBD gets imperfectly within them and blocks THC as well as other chemicals from binding with the cannabinoids.

Another essential thing done by CBD is interacting with several other receptors in the body. These include 5-HT1A receptors, usually linked to the vanilloid receptor TRPV1 and serotonin. Most importantly, these receptors come in as an ion channel. Essentially, CBD helps with different functions, from the body’s homeostasis to environmental functions.

What does research say about CBD oil and cancer?

There have been numerous studies of CBD oil for cancer. In 1975, researchers looked into cannabis as an ideal drug for cancer treatment. Despite legal restrictions, the medical industry has studied and discovered exciting evidence of the herb’s effect on cancer patients. One of the outstanding aspects of CBD is that it doesn’t initiate psychoactive effects on patients. This makes it stand out from other cannabinoids from the same plant.

According to preliminary research, CBD for cancer treatment targets the condition in several stages. Among the things that research has shown that CBD can do, includes triggering cell death. It also helps prevent the migration of cancer cells. Further, it contains angiogenesis properties. This helps it block any formation of new blood cells. Hence, it can slow down the spread of any cancer cells. Above all, it reduces cancer invasiveness.

Check out this fascinating video on how science explains how cannabis kills cancer cells.

The Use of CBD Against Cancer Symptoms

The use of CBD for cancer treatment hinges relatively on its ability to treat cancer symptoms. CBD turns out to be a safe supplement therapy. According to research, CBD can help clear any side effects associated with conventional cancer treatment options. Largely, CBD comes in handy in improving patients’ quality of life in chemotherapy treatment.

Chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting (CINV) are some of the major shortcomings of the alternative treatment of cancer. This can prove to be a serious detriment to the patients’ quality of life (QoL). One of the most crucial achievements CBD oil for cancer treatment is by far alleviating chemotherapy side effects. CBD minimizes adverse chemotherapy side effects like nausea, chronic pain, and vomiting among others. As it turns out most synthetic cannabinoids approved by FDA prove helpful in treating these conditions.

Usually, orally administered synthetic cannabinoids such as dronabinol and nabilone have shown dominance over dopamine receptor antagonists. This performance makes them essential for preventing CINV.

CBD For Specific Cancer Treatment

When it comes to the use of CBD for cancer treatment, this substance has proven to be essential for taking on diverse types of cancers. It can be used for Lung cancer, Leukemia, Skin cancer, tumors, or other cancers. CBD can help control the spreading of the condition, reducing it all together.

According to studies, CBD helps fight against breast cancer. This comes down to the antitumor efficiency from cannabinoids thanks to cannabidiol effects on carcinoma on the human breast. CBD coordinates communication between apoptosis and autophagy, hence enhancing programmed cell death in breast cancer cells. CBD helps in many other ways of reducing and eradicating breast cancer.

Studies also show that CBD can combat bladder cancer. The activation of TRPV22, for instance, triggers apoptotic cell death in the T24 bladder cancer cells in humans. Besides, studies show that CBD has the potential to treat lymphoblastic diseases. These include lymphoma and leukemia. CBD has proved capable of promoting suicide in lymphoma cancer cells, a situation known as apoptosis. In essence, CBD relates to CB2 receptors to decrease the risk of cancerous cells forming.

Scientific reviews have shown that CBD can prevent colon cancer. Although based on preliminary results, this suggestion is really worth a hard look. According to the study, CBD shows the potential to reduce any development of some cancerous traits usually found in colon cancer patients.

Some of these characters include reducing abnormal glands in the rectum and colon – aberrant crypt foci. Besides, the study has shown that CBD is capable of reducing the number of tumors and polyps.

CBD has been shown to fight brain cancer. Cannabidiol can inhibit the proliferation and survival of delta9-THC on the glioblastoma cell. Another efficient effect of CBD is the antitumor effect. This makes it a nonpsychoactive cannabinoid that helps with glioma cell lines in humans. It effectively prevents migration of glioma cells thanks to a cannabinoid receptor-independent mechanism.

CBD oil for cancer treatment also comes in handy when it comes to the treatment of other cancer types too. These include lung cancer, prostate and many more types of cancer.

CBD treatment for dogs with cancer (and other pets)

Research shows that CBD treatment for cancer not only works in humans but also for pets. Dogs can suffer from different types of cancers. These include skin cancer, which is quite common in dogs. Other types of cancer commonly found in dogs include mammary gland cancer for female dogs, as well as head and neck cancer. Dogs also usually fall victim to mouth cancers, which needs swift action.

Thankfully, CBD has proved to treat cancer in dogs and other pets. Research shows that just like in humans, CBD helps in managing the cancer symptoms. What’s more, it can help deal with some side effects that come with alternative cancer treatment. Preliminary studies also point to CBD’s ability to fight development as well as the spread of some types of tumors.

To do this, CBD stimulates the endocannabinoid system. It then helps in producing even more benefits that can come out of this system. Notably, pets will struggle with the side effects of chemotherapy as much as humans do. CBD has shown the capability of dealing with such gastrointestinal symptoms as nausea and vomiting, common in humans and pets as well. As such, it can indirectly help pets and humans regain appetite that could be lost from cancer treatment. Not forgetting, CBD also proves crucial for inflammation and pain, which can usually result from cancer.

How can CBD Cancer Treatment Benefit My Pet?

Studies show that CBD helps in fighting the growth and potential growth of cancerous cells. Although most studies looking into this approach are preliminary, they show reliable leads. CBD and other cannabis and hemp plant constituents show the potential for effectively fighting cancer and its symptoms.

Some of these studies include two published by a team of researchers from the University of Naples, Italy in 2012. The University of Aberdeen in the UK also published another one in 2014. Both studies looked into the effects of cannabis extract high in CBD on colon cancer.

According to the studies, the extract with CBD showed clear anti-tumor effects. It also acted upon the effects of a chemical used in inducing cancer in biological research – azoxymethane. In another study in 2013, CBD also showed the capability of slowing the development of tumors in the brain. Researchers in the Department of Experimental Medicine at the University of Camerino in Italy conducted the study. At the study, CBD also proved to slow the growth of cancer cells and weakening existing ones. This gave chemotherapeutic drugs an edge over the cancerous cells. Similar CBD performance has also come up in studies on other types of cancer. These include bladder cancer, leukemia, lymphoma and many more. For more information about using CBD for your dog, see the video below. You can also read our post about CBD for Pets.

CBD for Cancer – Customer Reviews

Read about the experience people have had using Nordic Oil products for treating cancer*

I’ve bought it twice already for my father… ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I have already ordered it 2x for my father. He has kidney cancer and was very depressed during the first treatment cycle and had no appetite. First, we started with 5% as a test, which worked well. He will soon start taking the 10% with curcumin. I am curious about how he will react to it. Delivery goes fast, customer service top. Always helpful. Many thanks to the Nordic Oil team

Trustpilot review by D. Özkan

Delivery’s really fast. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“I take the capsules preventively because I had breast and skin cancer. Stress doesn’t get to me as much, as without the capsules! They do me good, I feel great!”

Trustpilot review by S. Daboci 

What Does Research Say About Using CBD for Cancer Treatment?

Cannabinoids like tetrahydrocannabinol, endocannabinoids, and synthetic agonists as well as endocannabinoid transport have shown anti-tumorigenic effects. Evidence has pointed towards cannabinoids having pro-apoptotic (Apoptosis is the process of cell death that occurs in multicellular organisms.) This means that according to studies, cannabinoids have promoted the death of cancer cells. Cannabinoids also have anti-proliferative (this means that cannabinoids also stop the growth and spread of cancer cells.) These effects fight cell migration, invasion, and adhesion. Check out the video below for an in-depth explanation of anti-apoptotic and anti-proliferative effects from CBD.

Nevertheless, studies seem to point to the fact that this option also comes with a fair share of downsides. These include the limit to the use of cannabinoid agonists due to psychoactive side effects. Thus, non-psychoactive cannabinoid compounds have a structural affinity for CBD gets more preference.

A good number of studies have shown cannabinoids effect on tumors thanks to their pro-apoptotic and anti-proliferative action. This also comes down to cannabinoids’ anti-angiogenic properties. Studies have also shown that CBD can inhibit different types of tumors from growing due to a non-psychoactive effect on those tumors. Besides, this character helps CBDs to regulate pro-angiogenic signals from glioma cells. Apparently, studies show that cannabinoids have a wide range of anticarcinogenic effects.

As it turns out, the use of CBD for cancer treatment is a promising prospect for a wide range of cancer types. According to a report on anti-tumor effects by the National Cancer Institute, these cannabinoids help with regulating cancer cells’ growth.

They also keep the spreading of these cells in check, which can be crucial to counteract the condition. They also help in inhibiting the growth of new blood vessels known as angiogenesis. This cuts supply that can feed tumors and prevents the spreading of cancer, known as metastasis.

Thanks to this combination of effects, CBDs have an edge over most other cancer treatment options. In most cases, these other options have only a single function. What’s more, most of them can come with much more side effects. Better yet, CBD for cancer treatment still helps in dealing with these side effects. These include nausea and vomiting resulting from chemotherapy and other cancer treatment options.

CBD treatment is helping fight virtually all types of cancer out there. CBD medicine can help fight skin cancer, breast cancer, bladder cancer, leukemia, lymphoma and many more. Apparently, CBD for cancer treatment is the way to go in fighting cancer, both in humans and pets alike.

There is also a lot that researchers are yet to discover cannabis and CBD oils for cancer treatment. Most of them are optimistic that cannabis-based medicine will come in handy in the future in cancer treatment. And the safety that comes with the use of CBD cancer treatment puts it in a class of its own.

*Nordic Oil’s products are available in a number of countries, therefore the reviews we receive are in many different languages. The customer reviews within this article have been translated for the convenience of our English speaking readers.

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