The colour of CBD oil: why are some oils darker than others?

The colour of CBD oil: why are some oils darker than others?
The colour of CBD oil is a mystery to many people. Why are some oils darker than others? What factors influence the colour of CBD oil?

In this blog post, we will answer these questions and explain the different factors that influence the colour of CBD oil. We will also explain why some oils are darker than others and what this means for your health.

Why does CBD oil vary in colour?

CBD oil can adopt a range of colours; from light yellow to dark brown and everything in between. The colour of the oil depends on a few factors; the type of CBD extract, the extraction method used and the amount of time the oil is exposed to air.

Extraction method: The extraction method used can also affect the colour of the CBD oil. For example, oils extracted with CO₂ are usually lighter than those extracted with ethanol.

Exposure to air: The time the oil is exposed to air can also affect its colour. Oils that are exposed to air for a longer period of time can darken.

What colour should your CBD oil be?

The colour of your CBD oil can vary and it is not always possible to accurately determine the colour of the oil pre-production. However, most oils should be light yellow or golden. Oils that are darker may be less potent or of a lower quality.

Filtration plays a big role

Filtration plays a big role in the colour of CBD oil. The plant material used to make the oil can affect the colour, as can the extraction method. Some oils are darker because they are less filtered, while others are lighter because they contain less plant material.

Raw hemp oil, for example, is dark green in colour because it is not filtered at all. This oil is extracted from the plant material directly by pressing or crushing, and the resulting oil contains all of the plant's terpenes, including chlorophyll.

Filtration also determines whether the taste is milder or more bitter; oils with better filtration have an earthy, mild flavour, whilst darker, less filtered oils tend to taste bitter.

Carrier oils can also influence the colour of the CBD oil.

Cold-pressed hemp seed oil, for example, is light green. However when mixed with the brown CBD extract, it takes on a golden colour. Oils mixed with MCT oil have an even lighter colour.

Does the colour of my CBD oil influence my overall health? 

In general, both darker and lighter oils contain CBD, so theoretically they should both have the same effect. That said, a darker oil contains much more plant material, which not only affects the taste, but it can also be harder for the body to absorb the cannabinoids. Darker oils can also be more likely to cause stomach upset in some people. So often, it can be a process of testing which works best for you. Have fun experimenting!

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