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At Nordic Oil, we’re indebted to nature, so we’d like to give a little something back. This Black Friday season, we’re partnering with the ReSea Project to help make the world a healthier place. For every order placed between Wednesday 25th November 2020 and Tuesday 1st December 2020, we’ll collect ¼ kg of plastic from the world’s oceans. That’s the equivalent of 45 plastic bags, 625 plastic straws, or 40 single-use bottles.

Our mission is to make CBD accessible to everyone who can benefit from it, and without a helping hand from Mother Nature, we couldn’t help you. Taking care of yourself starts with taking care of the world around you.

Why are we doing this?

Investments are one of many keys to growth and change. Whether it’s an investment of finance, time or emotion, what we focus on and commit to tends to grow.

With environmental destruction and global warming escalating at an alarming rate, it’s up to each of us to do our bit in protecting the environment. Today, with many environmental organizations forming and putting energy towards creating sustainable and lasting solutions, even the smallest of efforts can eventually lead to great transformations of how we treat our human consumption and waste.

The ReSea Project

This winter, the Nordic Oil team has decided to invest a portion of our profits into cleaning our oceans. We’ve chosen to partner with the ReSea Project, a Danish organization, committed to cleaning up the oceans and reducing the negative impact of human activity on the natural environment. By investing, we hope to take a stand – and together with our Nordic Oil family make a lasting difference.

The ReSea Project aims at going above and beyond by cleaning oceans and coastlines in Indonesia with the intention to develop more efforts globally. Their closed system cleanup is a trusted way to lessen the amount of new plastics being created, while also eliminating waste from the waters we rely on for food, energy and a balanced environment.
With a wave of environmental activism leading to greater efforts towards the four R’s- refuse, reuse, reduce, recycle- the concept of eliminating excessive plastics and non-renewable objects from the water seems easily and readily attainable. ReSea reinforces this goal of up-cycle by processing the reclaimed plastics to be used sustainably.

The wrap up

Many of the negative environmental changes we see today are preventable, and can be mitigated with time, effort and commitment. At Nordic Oil we’re hoping to share some of the responsibility towards reclaiming our patterns of wasteful consumption, with the hope of passing on a healthy planet for future generations.

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