Nordic Oil x Land of Hope

Land of Hope x Nordic

At Nordic Oil, we have a long history of supporting charities close to our hearts that make a real, lasting impact.

We’ve recently begun donating to and supporting Land of Hope. Land of Hope is a Danish charity, founded by Anja Ringgren Lovén in the same region of Denmark where Dannie and Christian, the founders of Nordic Oil, come from. The charity works to save children in Nigeria who have been accused of witchcraft and face abandonment and persecution.

Land of Hope’s mission?

In one of the poorest communities in Nigeria, Land of Hope strives to save innocent children that have been accused of witchcraft and have, as a result, been tortured and excluded from their families and communities.

Land of Hope provides a safe space for these children and gives them access to education and protection. But education does not stop with the children – Land of Hope also pursues educational projects for the surrounding communities in order to spread awareness about how superstition can affect the life of a child.

The initiative was started by Anja in the community of Akwa Ibom in Nigeria where there has been an alarming rise in accusations against children of their being involved in black magic and witchcraft. This is due to a complex mix of superstition, lack of education and deep-rooted religious customs.

Land of Hope provides a safe place for those children and runs a variety of different campaigns in order to spread awareness.

What does their work entail?

The core of Land of Hopes’ work consists of education, children’s rights, credibility and independence. These values guide the execution of the charity’s mission, including its advocacy work in speaking up on behalf of persecuted children to local and national authorities. By helping children in one of the poorest communities in Nigeria, Land of Hope spreads awareness and makes an empirical difference in enhancing the quality of life of children across Nigeria.

… And Nordic Oil’s role?

At Nordic Oil, we’ve always been committed to giving back to people and nature. When we learned about Anja’s great and important work, we were compelled to support this project, not just because of our personal connection to the charity, but because of what it stands for: providing real help to those who need it most.

We want to help protect children around the world from violence and provide them with a safe place to grow, learn and, above all, just be children.

Read more about the great work of Land of Hope here:

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