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Nordic Oil through the years

Way back in 2018, Nordic Oil was founded in Munich by Danish brothers Dannie and Christian. Today, we’re one of Europe’s leading CBD brands, committed to making premium CBD available to customers across the globe. At the core of our work is our dedication to education, awareness and accessibility; we believe that everyone deserves access to stress-relief, wellness and the very best CBD. On our third birthday, here’s a look back at the history of Nordic Oil in Europe as well as in the US…


February 2018

Nordic Oil was founded by Danish brothers Dannie and Christian in Munich. They were using CBD themselves and realised that it was something that could help millions of people across the world with all types of problems. Their aim has always been to make CBD accessible to people around the globe who can benefit from its properties – because CBD is for everybody!

February 2018

The first products are launched in Europe – 5%, 15% and 20% CBD Oils. Since then we stuck to these strengths which have also become our customers favorites, especially our 15% oil! Today, we’ve expanded our range of products to include topicals, e-liquids, capsules and skincare.

August 2018

Our first CBD products for dogs and cats are launched. Later, we’d work with rescue shelters to help treat sick dogs. In May 2019, we were invited to the shelter “Paradise of Dogs” from its owner. We were really touched to see how CBD had improved the lives of so many dogs!

August 2019

Nordic Oil launches in the US market and opens an office in New York. Slowly but steady, more and more Nordic Oil products make their way into the American market. As we always listen to our customers wishes, we changed two of our oil strengths in July 2020: from 2500mg to 2000mg and from 1500mg to 1000mg.

October 2019

The launch of Nordic Cosmetics in Europe, a dedicated CBD skincare brand, designed to help customers feel good in their own skin. Balancing, soothing and regenerating properties are what we think makes CBD so special in our skin care products!


May 2020

We launch our CBD Capsules in Europe using an innovative liposomal technology that makes the CBD even more effective. Liposomes are microscopic small containers that can deliver active ingredients, like CBD, within the body. Liposomes are made of lecithin, which is naturally occurring in human cells. Therefore, the body recognizes liposomes as “good stuff” and lets it merge with the cell – only here the CBD is released into the body, for higher bioavailability!

At the same time, we launch our CBD topicals on the US market: Eyr, Freyja, Valkyrie and Thor become parts of our product range here as well.

July 2020

3 of our CBD Topicals are certified as medical devices in Europe and can help treat acne, eczema and psoriasis. The combination of colloidal oatmeal and CBD is what makes a match made in heaven. The soothing, anti-inflammatory properties of colloidal oatmeal help treat damaged skin and encourage its recovery and rejuvenation.

As health is becoming more and more important to each and everyone of us, our supplements with multivitamin and CBD and our vitamin C with CBD launch in the US. The liposomal formula allows a quicker and higher absorption of all active ingredients involved.

September 2020

Nordic Cosmetics launches in Asia. After 3 months, it is in the top 5 CBD brands in China.
Not even after one year on the European market, thanks to a wonderfully dedicated team, we were able to enter one of the biggest markets in the world – successfully!

And in the US, we are able to launch our chewing gum – handy CBD for on the go, wherever you go!

Nordic OilBirthday

November 2020

We work with the ReSea Project to remove over 3 tonnes of plastic waste from the oceans.
The natural environment has always played a significant role for us at Nordic Oil and our sister brand Nordic Cosmetics. And we wanted to say “Thank you” to Mother Nature! That’s why we partnered with ReSea Project, a Danish organisation who go above and beyond to clean the rivers and the oceans in Indonesia. As part of our new Nordic Earth project, we are proud that we, along with our customers, were able to remove over 3 tonnes of plastic from the ocean, and contribute to a healthier planet.

February 2021

We are turning 3 already! Thank you so much for sticking with us through our first years, and especially through 2020. Stay tuned for big things coming soon.

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