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We speak to Rebecka, one of our Nordic Oil brand ambassadors, about her life as a professional crossfit athlete and how she integrates CBD into her daily routine.

Rebecka is a champion CrossFit athlete from Sweden, currently based in Denmark. An experienced competitor, she competes with some of the world’s greatest athletes in CrossFit competitions across Europe. With her high performance, physically-demanding lifestyle, looking after both her body and her mind are incredibly important, but finding balance isn’t always easy. Especially in pandemic times, the pressure to maintain an optimum level of performance is significant, not to mention the demands of her active personal life.

We spoke to Rebecka about how she remains focussed, calm and at the top of her game, both in sport and in life.

Take us back to the start: What did the start of your CBD journey look like?

I’d been interested in CBD for a while and had been doing a bit of research into the benefits it could have for me. During my research, I came across Nordic Oil. I really identified with what the brand stands for and how it aims to help people, so I took the plunge and loved it. I saw results quickly, much faster than I expected. I was looking for something to help me reduce stress and relax, and even after a short time, CBD seemed to fit the bill.

How does CBD fit into your daily routine?

I use the strong softgels (25mg) daily as they’re easy to take on the go and I don’t have to worry about dosage. They’ve definitely been really helpful in fighting stress and anxiety. On top of that, I also take vitamins as an extra supplement to keep my body in peak physical condition. When my muscles are especially sore from my training, I use the Thor Gel and apply it to wherever I have sore muscles. With a training regime as demanding as mine, it’s an absolute essential for being able to recover.

I also love to use the Lash & Eyebrow booster from Nordic Cosmetics as it makes my eyelashes and brows look full and healthy. My appearance isn’t so important when I’m competing, but it always makes me feel good when I know I’m looking after myself.

Particularly as a female athlete, how have you been able to overcome certain challenges?

Being a female athlete, sometimes it becomes more and more challenging to achieve my goals and objectives. There seem to be so many more obstacles to achieving my goals than for men, but we’re making progress. What’s important for me is to always maintain a level and healthy mental state.

CBD helps me stay calm and balanced and means I can focus better and compete without any stress. It helps me to stay calm, prioritize important tasks, keep focus and handle everything in a relaxed manner, whether I’m training, in a competition or just at home. I suppose you could say it brings out the best in me!

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