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We speak to Gabriella, a loyal Nordic Oil customer, about how CBD oil and topicals have become a crucial part of her day to day life, and using them have helped her to help others.

Gabriella is originally from Hungary and has been living in Munich for about 10 years. In her job as a radiographer, she works in both Germany and Switzerland. She’s married and a mother of one daughter.

CBD has not only tremendously improved her life and mood, but it has also become a part of her family’s routine. We had the opportunity to catch up with her recently.

Take us back, how did you find out about Nordic Oil?

It was probably around two and a half years ago. I remember reading an article by a renowned Hungarian doctor who was researching the effects of CBD in oncology. It absolutely fascinated me – I’d never thought in depth about CBD before and it was really interesting. After that, I started searching for trustworthy brands on the market, and Nordic Oil was a name that came up often, so I decided to give it a try!

Why did you and your family start taking CBD?

I ordered CBD oil from Nordic Oil first for my parents as a precaution, but once they extolled its virtues so fervently, I introduced it to more members of my family and started using it myself shortly after giving birth.

Are there any products you like the most? If yes, why?

I personally take the 500mg CBD oil and, since it was launched, also the CBG Oil. I personally take the oil not only as a precaution, but for my mental wellbeing. I used to have trouble falling asleep because I always worried too much; now, that is completely gone, along with the anxiety. I also use the face and body cream from Nordic Cosmetics and they’ve done wonders for my skin!

A few members of my family use the 500mg Oil too and they’re always telling me about how much they love using it!

What does your daily CBD routine look like?

In the morning and in the evening, I always take 2×3 drops of CBD, and in the evening I apply the Valkyrie cream with CBD.

I recently had surgery, so I increased the dose of CBD to 3×5 drops and it helped me so much with the pain and the healing process.

As a woman in particular, has CBD helped you to overcome certain challenges, maybe even as a mother?

I have more patience, worry less and, thanks to the Valkyrie cream, my skin seems to glow more! Not to mention, I’m way more relaxed overall and no longer get so caught up in my worries and bad moods.

I’ve already recommended the oil to very many friends who have panic attacks, sleep disorders and mild obsessive-compulsive disorder; they’ve all given me only positive reviews.

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