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We speak to Eleonora, a designer at Nordic Oil about motherhood, self-care and discovering more benefits of CBD than she could have ever imagined…

An Italian native, Eleonora has worked as a designer with Nordic Oil for the past two years, and has shaped much of what Nordic Oil looks like today. But not only is she a creative powerhouse; the mother of (almost) three children, Eleonora balances work, parenthood and self-care, all while striving to live a sustainable and ethical lifestyle. It isn’t just our customers who benefit from Nordic Oil CBD; within the company we each individually know the magic this supplement can make. Keep reading for Eleonora’s insights into living “two lives”, battling stress and discovering what CBD can do.

Where did your relationship with Nordic Oil begin?

I first came across Nordic Oil about 3 years ago, when the company was still very new, and CBD was only just starting to become popular. I instantly felt a connection with this fascinating new world, so I applied for a job and was looking enough to start working for Nordic Oil. I quickly learnt about all things CBD, and the more I found out, the more excited I was.

From the very beginning I couldn’t help but notice the degree of scepticism there was (and still is) around CBD due to the big stigma around cannabis in general. Having seen its benefits firsthand, I made it my mission to try to destroy this stigma in any way I could – everyone deserves to benefit from CBD!

Take us back to the beginning of your CBD journey!

I started using CBD as soon as I could, to test for myself if the effects were truly as described in what I’d read. As a full time worker and mom in a foreign city with no family or not many friends around, I often felt overwhelmed, stressed and nervous. I tried different ways to deal with my stress and anxiety; some things didn’t work and some others only really did half the job. Starting to use CBD daily – 1/4 dropper of the 1000mg Oil in the morning and 1/4 before going to sleep – really helped me cope with my situation, and combining CBD with some mindfulness and meditation techniques really helped me overcome most of my monsters. I didn’t feel the effects instantly, but after a couple weeks of constant use, I really saw a big difference in my mental balance and overall energy levels. Nordic Oil helped me unwind and relax in stressful situations and overall helped me to mentally approach a more balanced lifestyle.

What does your daily routine look like? How does CBD come into play?

I wake up in the morning, and after my usual 10 minutes trying to pull myself out of bed, I finally start by day. Together with my morning cappuccino, I take about 1/4 dropper of the 1000mg under my tongue and I am ready to face my day at work with my chin up and my energy flowing.

When I come back home after a long day at work, I find myself having to face what I like to call “my other life ”; that is, the life of a mother. I spend my evening playing with my kids, rushing into making dinner, cleaning up the apartment, and just generally trying to keep order and peace in the family. When it’s eventually bedtime for the kids and most of the chores are done, I’m finally able to unwind, relax and just take care of myself. I either take a bath or do some yoga and meditation exercises. I also take about 1/4 dropper of the 1000mg oil and I embrace my CBD-based skincare routine, which consists in applying the 500mg Oil on my freshly washed face and afterwards a generous amount of CBD cream. I instantly feel renewed and ready to go to sleep feeling balanced both physically and mentally, which means I get all the rest I need and I am able to recharge for the following busy day.

Being a full-time employee and a mother must be difficult, especially in the current moment. How have you been able to maintain balance and calm in your life?

As a woman and a mother, CBD helps me overcome those difficult times when it seems impossible to balance both work and family while maintaining a healthy lifestyle and mindset. The stress and the mental pressure can be quite hard to deal with, but CBD has definitely helped me take care of myself, find a ritual that is my own and find a more positive attitude towards life and its challenges.

The fact that CBD takes away the stress and anxiety of everyday life has also made me a better mother, because being more relaxed changes completely the way I interact with my kids. CBD allows me to slow down, stop, think, enjoy and embrace the little moments which too often we overlook and let slip through our hands.

How do you feel like you’ve grown in the past few years? Has your experience with CBD helped at all?

There’s no doubt about it: CBD has helped me to become a better version of myself. It’s helped me overcome difficult times, and to appreciate life for what it is, with all its ups and down. I’ve become more confident in my own skin, and am able to be who I really want to be – a strong working woman, and a loving and caring mother – without having to compromise my mental or physical health. CBD really helped improve the quality of my life, and I will never stop recommending to everyone I know to give this substance a try, because it can really be life changing.

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