Mango and Cannabis? A Perfect Match

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Cannabis and mangos are a perfect match. Think of it like finding the perfect food pairing with a glass of fine wine. The perfect combination helps to cleanse your palate and experience the full flavors of the wine. Mangos have the potential to not only maximize the effects of CBD but also to extend it. The same fact applies to THC, the psychotropic cousin of CBD. So yes, marijuana smokers out there can enjoy a more intense high if they consume a mango before smoking. Aside from the fact that mangos extend the effects of CBD and THC, mangos are so tasty! Enjoying a ripe mango 40 minutes *before* consuming hemp oil can enhance the results experienced from consuming CBD oil. It’s a great idea if you’re interested in enhancing your experience with cannabis.

Why Are Mangos And Cannabis Such A Perfect Pair?

The connection between cannabis and mangos involve an organic compound (or terpene) in mangos called myrcene. Myrcene is the most common terpene produced by cannabis. Myrcene terpenes are the reason mangos have that wonderful, distinctive strong scent. Terpenes are also the reason marijuana can have its distinctive skunk scent that some find wonderful and others may find to be repulsive.

Terpenes are found in the same glands of the cannabis plant as THC and CBD. The fact that the same components are also found in mangos helps the body process THC. This increases the potency of THC or CBD and allows quicker and longer effects. Some Indica marijuana strains contain over 0.5 percent levels of myrcene can cause sedation.

The Surprising Science Behind The Interaction Of Mango With Cannabis

Myrcene terpenes in mangos add to the myrcene terpenes naturally found in cannabis. Mangos have the potential to strengthen weaker strains and complement the high of stronger ones. After eating a mango, the fruit’s terpenes enter the bloodstream. When a person consumes hemp oil, the CBD consumed interacts with these terpenes in such a way that it will increase the level of the effects. The same fact is true when one smokes marijuana with THC.

A detailed scientific explanation has yet to arise, so discussing the details of the exact interaction is impossible for now. From what we can tell though, the terpenes from the THC seem to attach to the myrcene terpenes that are already in your bloodstream, increasing their duration and influence on the brain. While a lot of this is still anecdotal, users testify that after eating mangos, they get an extra kick out of their cannabis.

Not only does eating mangos and consuming marijuana make it more potent, but it can also cause you to feel the effects of the CBD quicker than usual. When you consume hemp oil, it can be difficult to tell whether you took too little, just enough or too much. This is largely due to the complicated dosing guidelines.

It’s also important to consider the fact that when you consume cannabis orally, it’s difficult to understand the time your body takes to actually process the CBD. The natural compounds in mangos help CBD move through the blood-brain barrier faster and therefore it can potentially reach the brain half the time it would normally take. It also allows the body to process the CBD faster and more efficiently.

How It Works

Many people who like to indulge in the recreational use of marijuana usually find this appealing as it really lets you get the most out of your herb by maximizing the amount of THC and sustaining it for longer periods of time.

Though more research is needed to understand how and why this happens, many users agree that this delicious fruit can enhance the effects of CBD.

Steep Hill Labs, is a marijuana testing company located in Berkeley, CA. They recommend eating a fresh, ripe mango 45 minutes before consuming CBD or THC to experience the maximal effect.

It’s important to note that the “mango effect” does not always work for everyone. Mangos vary in their myrcene content, and it really depends on how much myrcene the mango contains. You may need to try it with a few different mangos before you notice that anything happens.

Now go to the market, grab the ripest mango you can find and give your CBD oil — or THC a new experience.

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