Is CBD legal in Turkmenistan?

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Understanding the Legal Status of CBD in Turkmenistan

When it comes to the legal status of Cannabidiol (CBD) in various countries, the legislation can vary significantly. This blog post aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the legal framework surrounding CBD in Turkmenistan. It is essential for individuals considering bringing or purchasing CBD in Turkmenistan to be accurately informed about the laws in place.

The Legal Framework of CBD in Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan is a country located in Central Asia, known for its strict laws and regulations, particularly concerning drugs and substances. It is crucial to note that Turkmenistan has a stringent stance on drugs, with severe penalties for those found in violation of these laws.

Is CBD Considered a Drug in Turkmenistan?

One of the primary considerations when discussing the legality of CBD is whether it is classified as a drug in the country in question. In Turkmenistan, the law does not differentiate between cannabis, the plant from which CBD is derived, and other forms of drugs. Therefore, any substance derived from the cannabis plant is considered a drug, including CBD.

Penalties for Drug Possession in Turkmenistan

It is worth noting that Turkmenistan has some of the most severe penalties for drug possession globally. Individuals found guilty of drug possession can face heavy fines, long-term imprisonment, or both. These penalties apply to all drugs, including cannabis and by extension, CBD.

Import and Export of CBD

Given the strict laws surrounding drugs in Turkmenistan, it is highly likely that the import and export of CBD are also prohibited. Individuals considering bringing CBD into Turkmenistan should be aware of the potential legal implications and risks involved.


In summary, based on the current legal framework in Turkmenistan, CBD is considered a drug and is therefore illegal. The country has strict laws and severe penalties for drug possession, which extend to cannabis and its derivatives, including CBD. As such, individuals should exercise caution and avoid bringing or purchasing CBD in Turkmenistan to avoid potential legal repercussions.

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