CBD for Tremors: A Comprehensive Guide on Benefits and Usage

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The Key Points:

  • Tremor is a neurological disorder causing involuntary shaking, often affecting hands and arms.
  • Common treatments include medication, Botox, physiotherapy, and brain stimulation, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.
  • CBD has been found to help manage tremor symptoms, with few side effects and confirmed efficacy in studies.
  • When using CBD for tremors, it's important to start with a low dose and gradually increase, while monitoring for potential side effects.
  • Personal testimonials and studies suggest that CBD can be a beneficial supplement to conventional treatments for tremors.

Do your hands tremble when holding or extending them, or have you noticed this in someone around you? This could be a sign of tremor, a neurological disease that has been increasingly common recently.

Some conditions use CBD to alleviate their symptoms. But does this apply to a tremor?

These and more answers, opportunities and risks, as well as experiences and studies are part of this article. Enjoy reading!

What is a Tremor?

Many perceive it as a strong trembling during everyday actions, such as holding objects or reaching for them.

Simplified, a tremor is a communication disorder between the brain stem and the cerebellum. Even though the disease can have different origins, research suggests that over half (60%) of cases are genetically predisposed.

Even though it's a neurological disease, there are relatively high chances of recovery. But first, let's take a look at the different types of tremor.

What Types of Tremor Exist?

The disease can occur in different situations, leading to categorization:

  • Action tremor
  • Postural tremor

If trembling occurs during an action, such as reaching for cutlery, the person affected has an action tremor. If the tremor occurs just by extending the arm, then it's a postural tremor. Both types can also occur together.

Arms and hands are particularly affected and the tremor is very noticeable here. Other commonly affected parts of the body include:

  • Feet
  • Legs
  • Neck region

Why is Precise Examination Important for Tremor?

If trembling is observed, a precise diagnosis of the causes is necessary. This is crucial because the trembling can also be a potential symptom of another, often serious, disease. These include:

  • Parkinson's disease
  • Dystonia (Neurological movement disorder)
  • Multiple sclerosis (short: MS)
  • Wilson's disease (Copper storage disease)

Depending on the medication taken at the time, the tremor could also be a side effect. An accurate diagnosis enables appropriate treatment and, in the best case, can combat the causes.

How is Trembling Usually Treated?

Since a tremor can significantly make everyday life more strenuous, sufferers appreciate various treatment methods. There are different treatment approaches, which differ in effect and side effects. This table provides a rough overview:

Treatment Method Advantages Disadvantages
Medication Suppression of Symptoms Possible severe side effects
Botox Reduction of Trembling, Direct Effect Acts as Neurotoxin, Temporary
Physiotherapy No Side Effects Effect Not Guaranteed
Brain Stimulation Good Effect Possible Risks

Every body reacts differently to the respective treatments, so there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. In the context of medication, side effects often occur, such as sleep disorders, general restlessness, and headaches.

To limit the side effects, some patients recommend CBD as a supplement to medication. Why? We'll show this in the following section.

How CBD Works Against Tremor

To combat side effects, as well as symptoms of a tremor, CBD is well-suited due to these properties:

  • Has few to no side effects
  • Can be taken in acute situations
  • Efficacy confirmed in studies

For example, improvements in trembling were noted in relation to multiple sclerosis [1]. This doesn't eliminate the causes, but rather the symptoms. Especially when taking medication, sleep disorders often occur, making CBD also considered a useful supplement in this area [2].

The positive influence on sleep, mental tension, and possible alleviation of side effects from medication makes the CBD compound interesting for tremor patients.

Are There Any Side Effects from Cannabidiol for Tremor?

Side effects are possible when taking CBD. These primarily include:

  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting

Fortunately, side effects are very rare. In many cases, these reactions can be traced back to an intolerance or too high a dose. By gradually and carefully determining the dosage of CBD, you can respond to any potential side effects early enough.

Before taking CBD for tremors, it's important to consult a doctor about potential interactions with other medications.

When and how should I take CBD for tremors?

Gradually increasing the dose is one of the most important rules when taking Cannabidiol. Those who stick to slow increases and maximum daily doses run no risk of overdose (although a toxic overdose of CBD is not yet known).

The following products are particularly interesting for tremors:

  • Oils
  • Creams
  • Capsules
  • Liquids (for smokers)

The intake depends on the total amount and the CBD content per dose. For CBD oil and tremors, you can proceed as follows:

  • Take it in the morning, afternoon, and evening
  • Initially 1 drop, then 3 drops per intake
  • A maximum of 30 drops daily, or 10 drops per intake

The recommendation may vary depending on the product, hence reading the package insert or consulting with a doctor is recommended.

Despite the time suggestion of morning, noon, evening, the effect of CBD is independent of the time of intake.

Experiences: Has CBD already helped others?

In addition to studies, there are numerous testimonials about the effects of CBD. These experiences sometimes refer specifically to tremors, but also to other diseases where shaking is one of the symptoms.

Here's a testimonial about CBD for symptoms with neurological and orthopedic origins:

"Due to several neurological and orthopedic diseases, I felt awful for a long time and absolutely nothing helped. It's not cheap and unfortunately the insurance company does not support me with a single cent... But after prolonged use, I feel significantly better for the first time and finally, I am much more mobile (...)”

As a second report, the experience of a woman suffering from fibromyalgia, as this disease can also be associated with shaking:

“I suffer from fibromyalgia (stiffness, 16 positive trigger points, pain) - I had ongoing pain throughout the day, leading to sleep disorders, difficulties concentrating, … I've been taking 3 drops of 15% CBD before going to bed since 10.08. - I slept well the first night, didn't feel any stiffness or pain; so I woke up well-rested and focused. (...)”

Of course, with personal testimonials, it's hard to verify the truth. Nevertheless, it can be said:

  • The multitude of reports speak a common language
  • There's a grain of truth in most testimonials

Conclusion on CBD for Tremor

CBD is known for its diverse effects. In relation to tremor, the main focus of the effects is on relieving side effects caused by medications and to some extent on the main symptom, the shaking.

CBD is not a cure, but it's a way to help the body and supplement conventional treatments. The rare side effects make it less daunting to give it a try.

All in all, it can be said that CBD as a supplement is worth a try for tremors!

Have you already had experiences with tremors? Have you had side effects from medications that CBD could help with? We look forward to your contribution in the comments.


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