How CBD Oil is made


CBD oils from Nordic Oil begin with the most important ingredient: certified organic hemp. Once plants have matured, they are ready to be harvested and processed. Next, the terpenes, aromatic and therapeutic compounds, are retained from the flowers through a proprietary steam distillation process, followed by the CO₂ extraction of CBD. This process results in purified oils, that purposefully maintain a complex set of cannabinoids and full spectrum of terpenes present in the original plants. The CO₂ extraction which is being used on our oils, makes sure that there is complete control over the entire extraction process. With unique temperature and pressure settings, it’s possible to isolate exactly the compounds we’re looking for.

Free of byproducts such as waxes, fats, and chlorophyll

The extraction processes creates a crude CBD paste which is then purified and enriched with extra terpenes and carrier-oil. The end result is a powerful concentrate with high purity and quality. At Nordic Oil, we value a high standard of our CBD products. The oils we sell goes through a very delicate filtration process, makes it possible to produce the oil in a clear, gold-coloured extract that is free of byproducts such as waxes, fats, and chlorophyll. At the same time, the extraction process allows us to preserve a high concentration of CBD and aromatic terpenes. This makes our CBD oil a well-balanced mix that preserves the therapeutic qualities of the cannabis plant.

No THC detectable

THC extraction method: All of our CBD oils we meet the requirements by the EU law where we offer CBD products under the 0,2% THC. The method that is being used is THC HPLC-UV. This ensures that no THC is detectable with the HLPC-UV analytical method (detection limit 10 ppm) on the semi-finished product. This process does indeed remove 100% of the THC when it is running properly. But variations in the matrix of the extract and process parameters can temporarily lead to some last traces of THC not being removed. This is why we cannot guarantee complete absence of THC.

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