CBD for a healthier life: Our tips


Spring is the perfect time of the year for new beginnings and setting new goals. Even though this year’s spring might be slightly different from what we’re used to, we all want to embrace the season, and become an even better (and especially healthier) version of ourselves.

Here are 4 ways that using CBD can help you achieve a healthier lifestyle.

1. CBD in Smoothies and Food

It’s sometimes hard to keep up with a balanced and healthy diet throughout the day. Busy and tight schedules don’t always allow for a well-balanced diet, but there is an easy way to do something good for your body.

And this is where smoothies come into play – with a little extra something! No matter if you prefer your smoothies with kale and spinach, berries and pomegranate, or orange and pineapple, we guarantee that a few drops of CBD will definitely make your smoothie experience even better.

Just blend the fruits and vegetables of your choice with a small amount of water, add a few CBD drops or CBD crystals of your choice, stir and enjoy!

Not only can CBD be added to smoothies or other drinks of your choice, but it can also work well as a garnish to fruit or savory salads once the summer kicks in.

You can either add some drops of CBD oil on top of your salad, or stir it with a small amount of agave syrup if you don’t like the natural taste of CBD oils. You can add this mixture to any kind of salad dressing you like, but it works best in those based on vinegar and oil.

You can also use your own cooking oil to make a CBD-infused oil to cook with. If you want to cook with oil infused with crystals or CBD oil in general, it’s important to maintain the cooking temperature at less than 350 degrees Fahrenheit, as CBD heated at a higher temperature will lose its potency.

2. CBD in skincare

Our skin is under constant stress from harmful UV-rays and environmental stressors, so looking after it is important to keeping it healthy and happy.

But what constitutes healthy skin? When skin is at its healthiest, its natural acid mantle is balanced, so less moisture escapes to the outside, and harmful environmental influences and dirt cannot penetrate as easily.

This balance is where CBD can come in. Its balancing and regenerating properties can help your skin for a more youthful and radiant complexion.

CBD not only balances out the body, but also our skin. It’s balancing and regenerating properties can help promote a fresh and radiant complexion.

Curious? Try CBD skincare!

3. CBD & meditation

Constant increased stress levels have shown to affect our health tremendously.

Not only do we feel unwell, agitated and worn out but also physically exhausted. In order to regain a healthy balance, focusing on our inner self and unwinding once in a while is crucial.

That’s where meditation comes into play.

Meditation is a technique to relax your mind. The ultimate goal of meditation is to calm your spirling thoughts and get into a state of relaxation, calmness and non thinking.

Meditation can be an effective way to relax, reflect and reduce stress levels, especially in these difficult times. Regular meditation can also have physical benefits, such as lowering blood pressure, preventing insomnia and reducing the symptoms of stress.

And including CBD in your meditation practice can potentially bring even more benefits! When we’re rushing around on the go, it can be difficult to find time to relax, but taking CBD and making time to meditate can do wonders for your wellbeing. CBD can help restore your inner balance and encourage a more relaxed state of mind, meaning that you can get even more from your meditation session.

4. CBD Oil – vitamins and antioxidants

CBD extract is always mixed with carrier oils to produce the CBD products you know and love. Hemp seed oil, MCT oil and black cumin seed oil are the most popular ones, but there are many more out there.

Hemp seed oil in particular has been shown to have significant benefits for our health. Hemp seeds are rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids (up to 70%), which are particularly important for maintaining a healthy heart, as well as optimizing energy and oxygen balance within our bodies.

It also delivers vitamin B1 and B2, both of which are crucial for our nervous system and which also help release energy from food. Vitamin E is another vitamin often found in CBD products. A strong antioxidant, it protects our cells from damage caused by free radicals and serves as a natural booster for our immune system.

By integrating CBD oil into your daily routine, you may not only benefit from its balancing effects but also do something good for your body’s overall wellbeing.

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