CBD Coconut Lassi

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Coconut oil and cannabis make a great combination that can be used in versatile ways. Almost like they’re made for each other.

Coconut oil mixed with cannabis makes a potent, delicious, and healthy edibles. Thanks to its high amount of saturated fat, coconut oil carries THC and CBD, unlike some other oils. It also preserves them throughout the cooking process. You can make smoothies, salads, soup, coffee, etc. It can also be used for topical ointments and creams.

CBD & Coconut Oil For Topicals

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Cannabis coconut oil makes an excellent moisturizer. It’s now used in a range of skincare products that use cannabis as an ingredient. Coconut oil also has a long history of usage in various beauty products. When combined, these two products can do wonders for the skin. Not only will it moisturize your skin perfectly, but it is also used for fighting acne, wrinkles, and other types of skin imperfections. Some people also like to apply cannabis coconut oil on their temples for relaxation. Cannabis coconut oil can also have a great application in the bedroom. It serves as an incredible combination of lubricant and aphrodisiac.

Cannabis & Coconut Oil For Cooking

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As I’ve already said, coconut oil contains a high amount of saturated fats – more precisely 80%. It is far more than, for example, olive oil that contains less than 20%. That high amount of saturated fats makes is the most efficient of all oils and the perfect binding agent for cannabinoids.

Apart from fatty acids, coconut oil also contains other highly beneficial elements such as lauric acid. Lauric acid is known as a heart-healthy saturated fat that doesn’t have a link to cardiovascular diseases. As a matter of fact, studies found that consuming a high amount of lauric acid can actually decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Lauric acid also acts as a powerful, natural antimicrobial. That means that it drastically reduced the risk of getting various diseases, such as candida, inflammatory acne, etc.

DIY Cannabis Coconut Oil

If you live in a country where cannabis flower is legal, here’s how to make cannabis coconut oil. The great thing about cannabis coconut oil is that you can make it at home. Coconut oil can be purchased everywhere for a relatively inexpensive price. Infusing cannabis into the oil doesn’t require many ingredients and can be done at your home with not a lot of effort.

Here is my recipe:


  • 1 cup of coconut oil
  • 1 cup of ground cannabis flower

Materials Needed:

  • Cheesecloth or strainer
  • Measuring Cup
  • Glass jar for storage
  • Grinder (a simple hand grinder works best)
  • Double-boiler, slow cooker, saucepan, etc.

Step 1:

  • Grind cannabis
  • You can use only flowers or the whole plant*, that’s totally up to you. *the whole plant is not as potent as the flower buds, so if you want your oil to be more potent, stick to using buds.

Step 2:

Combine coconut oil with cannabis

  • For this process, you can use your saucepan, double-boiler, or slow cooker. The idea is to prepare cannabis for proper decarboxylation. Decarboxylation is a very important process that transforms a molecule CDB-A (and THC-A) into a potent molecule CBD (and THC).
  • You can do the cooking in many ways. For example. you can cook it in a slow cooker for 4-6 hours with occasional stirring; you can use a double-boiler and cook it for 6-8 hours with occasional stirring, or you can use a simple saucepan and cook it for 2-3 hours with FREQUENT stirring ( to avoid scorching).
  • You should always add a little water to avoid burning. Also, keep in mind that the temperature must not exceed 245F (118 C).

Step 3:

  • Strain and store the oil
  • The CBD coconut oil can last at least 2 months, or even longer with a refrigerator.

DIY CBD Coconut Oil

If you want to avoid the psychotropic effects of THC your coconut oil, you can also make a CBD-infused oil instead. You can do this by following the same recipe above but instead using cannabis with more CBD and less THC. Have you tried this recipe or other cannabis-infused oil recipes? Let us know in the comment section!

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