CBD for Back Pain: A Natural Remedy Based on Science

A woman receives a back massage to help with her back pain

The Key Points:

  • CBD, a compound from the marijuana plant, is a potential natural remedy for back pain.
  • Unlike THC, CBD doesn't cause addiction or a 'high' feeling.
  • Scientific studies and user testimonials suggest CBD's effectiveness in managing back pain.
  • Side effects of CBD are minor and rare, but caution is advised for certain individuals and situations.
  • Various methods of CBD intake are available, allowing for personalized treatment plans.

Are you suffering from severe back pain? Interested in finding out if plant-based remedies can provide relief? Then you've come to the right place!

In this article, you'll learn all about treating back pain with the plant compound CBD, based on the latest scientific findings and user testimonials.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD as it's commonly known, is a plant compound extracted from the marijuana plant using a gentle process. But don't worry, unlike THC, another compound found in the same plant, CBD doesn't get you high or cause addiction.

This compound can be used in many areas of medicine. However, scientists see great potential in using this plant-based remedy as an alternative to synthetic painkillers, especially for pain management.

What are the characteristics of back pain?

Almost everyone has experienced it. You want to work out, dance, or simply stand up, and then you feel a stabbing or pulling sensation in your back. The most common type of back pain is located in the lower back and is often caused by poor posture or lack of movement.

But what can you do if you're already suffering and want relief? You'll learn more about that in the next section!

Conventional Treatment Methods

The range of therapies for back pain is broad. It extends from massages and physical therapy to the intake of chemical painkillers.

Many of these treatments are time-consuming and are often not fully or even partially covered by health insurance. This means a significant financial burden for those affected. Moreover, synthetic painkillers can lead to physical damage with increased and prolonged use.

How can CBD oil help with back pain?

Due to the problems mentioned above, scientists have been searching for a better solution for several years. And it seems they've found it in CBD.

According to studies, the plant compound can not only promote relaxation and reduce stress, but it can also combat inflammation in the body. Combined, these effects make it an excellent therapy for back pain!

Current Studies and Testimonials on Pain

A 2018 study [1] found that CBD is ideal for treating back pain.

The anti-inflammatory effect was also discussed and suggested in a scientific investigation [2].

Furthermore, the relaxing effect of the cannabinoid, which could be beneficial for relieving symptoms of back pain, was investigated and confirmed in a study [3] last year.

But it's not just scientists who are experimenting with the plant extract. Almost every day, we receive messages, comments, or forum posts from enthusiastic users. For example, a user suffering from back pain wrote in a discussion forum:

"It's incredible! Until recently, I had such severe back pain that not even chemical remedies really helped. But since I've been taking several drops of 5% CBD oil three times a day, the pain has almost completely disappeared!"

Are there any unwanted side effects from taking Cannabidiol?

Firstly, it's important to note that the side effects of CBD consumption are very minor and rather rare. However, it cannot be ruled out that the following effects may occur in case of an overdose:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Loss of appetite
  • Drying of the oral mucosa
  • Feeling of fatigue and tiredness
  • Drop in blood pressure
  • Digestive problems

There's also a risk of potential negative interactions when taking the medications Diazepam or Omeprazole.

Pregnant women and seriously ill individuals should also refrain from using CBD.

How do I take CBD and what is the right dose for back pain?

When choosing your preferred method of intake, you have many options. This allows you to tailor your back pain therapy with CBD to your needs and desires. The following products are available on the market:

  • CBD Oil: For swallowing or dissolving in a drink
  • Mouth and nasal sprays: Absorption of the active ingredient through the mucous membranes
  • Ointments and creams: For external application
  • CBD Capsules

These types all differ in terms of the duration until the onset of the effect and the intensity of the CBD taste. With the oil, for example, it only takes a few minutes to experience an effect, but the taste can be very strong.

The duration of the effect is shortest when "vaping", the vaporization of the active ingredient followed by inhalation, followed by absorption through the mouth and nasal mucosa. Swallowing the capsules comes in second to last. The effect is slowest after applying topical creams.

But not only the type of application is crucial, the dose is also important. To find out how much CBD you should take, you can either consult a doctor or start a self-experiment.

All you need to be careful about is starting with a low dose and slowly increasing it while the above-mentioned side effects do not occur.

A good starting point for back pain is three drops of 5-15% oil, which you drop under your tongue.


Last but not least, it's worth noting that both scientists and enthusiastic users in our network swear by the plant-based substance for combating their back pain.

Due to the mild and rare side effects, we can only recommend giving it a try.

Have you already had experiences with treating back pain with CBD? Then feel free to leave a comment under this article!


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