CBD and Smiling With Your Eyes Behind The Mask

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Smile more, smize more. Remember to often use your facial expressions generously to keep people around you happy. Know about CBD and mental health.

Never mind the mask. SMIZE!!!

A sedentary lifestyle, fast food, fast fashion, fast love, fast sex, fast technology, everything around us makes us run in circles. It seems like an ever-inflating bubble.

Are you inside or outside the bubble? What do you feel?
I feel I am inside this bubble and made up my mind to burst it.


Read on…

We are undergoing some strange times in our lives. Take a closer look. Don’t you think we have calmed down in many many ways?! I would like to share with you a small incident that irked me.

For a long, long time, I used to think that I am a happy and simple person. I also assumed that I have a very pleasing personality, always wanting to spread smiles and happiness to the people around me.

A couple of weeks ago, my friend was capturing a video of me at home doing work, making and attending calls, talking to family members, just random silly stuff, and so on. At the end of the day, I sat to watch the silly video. When I watched it for the first time, I giggled and laughed along with my friend who captured the video. Then for some reason, I played it several times and tried to observe my body language, facial expressions when I am talking to someone, walking style, etc.

This time, I did realize that something is really really wrong with me. I felt that I was not the person whom I thought I am, my inner and outer personality seemed to be contradicting! I seemed to look like a rigid person in the video.

I became sleepless, worried, thoughtful throughout the day, puzzled with myself, that something needed to change in me, and what is it? I became even more curious and desperate to find out the answer.

The next day, as usual after a long day of work, I decided to take a walk to the nearby grocery store to shop for some essentials. I wore a mask ( as per the new public mandate). While I stood in the queue for billing, an older woman crossed me and a pack slipped from her hand. Out of respect for her, I instantly grabbed it from the floor and handed it to the older woman. She thanked me and said something. I smiled at her, ( remember I am wearing my mask). She took a few steps, turned back, and said thank you once again! I didn’t quite understand why she had to thank me again?! But I smiled and nodded my head.

Walked back home, dropped my shopping bag at the door, and went straight up to the washroom to wash my hands, eagerly grabbing the new hand sanitizer that I purchased.

As I was washing my hands, I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled! (the mask still on my face)

Settled on the couch with my regular evening quota of a cup of warm green tea infused with a few drops of Cbd oil.

As I recalled the incident that happened at the store, still thinking why the old lady thanked me twice?!:) My face with the mask on the mirror flashed at once. Oh! Snap!

Although I smiled, the old woman couldn’t make out that I was smiling or I did not smile enough. My smile was hiding behind my mask, hence failed to reach her. I had a face mask! It slipped my mind!! I realized I didn’t smile enough!

Ah! I need to practice smiling with my eyes! Just as former model and host of America’s Next Top Model Tyra Banks says: “SMIZING”

Thanks to my CBD! My CBD revelation moment!! 🙂

Interesting facts about Smizing

“The expression of the human face was a gateway to the soul of a man,” quoted Guillaume-Benjamin-Amand Duchenne.

‘The Duchenne Smile’ known as smiling with eyes, named after the 19th century French Neuro Physician Duchenne who specialized in the physiology of human facial expressions.

Duchenne emphasized the importance of smiling genuinely with your eyes and criticized fake smiling or the Botox smile.

Notice the smile of the guy in the picture, his cheeks are raised and the muscle formation of a crow’s feet around his eyes. This is a Duchenne smile or ‘smize’!

He used electrical probes to trigger muscular contractions and recorded them with the help of a Camera to capture the expressions.

Duchenne’s research on human facial expressions has given mankind with rich references and the value of a smile. He studied how the facial muscles contract and extract to produce several expressions and believed that it linked directly to the soul of a person.

In his book The Mechanism of Human Facial Expression, also known as The Mechanism of Human Physiognomy, you can find extraordinary photographs of the numerous expressions that he recorded.

Smiling and Culture

Yes, Culture does play a very important role when it comes to smiling. While some cultures perceive it positively, some others do not attribute it favorably.

If you have been to America, Japan, Thailand, Russia, Germany, or Switzerland. I am sure you have experienced the difference more clearly. Although Switzerland people are considered to be very happy, they do not smile much except during conversation, it’s hard to see natural smiles. As opposed to this Americans smile a lot, you could easily bump into a random stranger smiling at you.

Japanese people have humble body language and mannerisms which makes them smile.

Contrastingly, take the Russians or Germans, you can hardly see people smiling back at you when you give them a smile. Smiling might create feelings of suspicion to the Russians, and it doesn’t either work with the conservative Germans.

The World Happiness Index or the World Happiness report is the publication of the Sustainable solutions network, for the United Nations. This report states surveys taken from 156 countries in order to understand how happy the citizens are.

The Nordic Exceptionalism

The World Happiness Report published that the Nordic Countries, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland occupy the top spots and are constantly the happiest countries in the World. What exceptional qualities do the Nordic countries possess as compared to the rest of the World?

Citizens of Nordic countries experience a high sense of freedom that transforms into a strong trust and bondage amongst themselves. Social cohesion, equality, low corruption that promises a stable, reliable, and well-functioning democracy altogether lead to better life satisfaction.

Although there are a lot of several external factors that determine the quality of lifestyle, or our overall happiness, individual happiness begins with us. Keeping ourselves happy and spreading positivity to people around us is a give and take policy.

Now, do you get the connection?! Remember to take your Nordic Oil CBD dosage every day! You never know! You might also land into such amazing self-discovery!

Therefore, this is the time for us to understand and appreciate small things around us. All of us have several reasons to be thankful. Despite this, gratitude is not always present within us, perhaps because we go through life too quickly without having time to appreciate what we have.

Therefore, in order to improve your inner personality, develop gratitude that could also bring betterment in your productivity & lifestyle.

Practice Smizing, smiling with your eyes genuinely that could bring a great deal of difference to you and to every person receiving your smile.

Smile more, smize more. Remember to often use your facial expressions generously to keep people around you happy. This sure would, in turn, bring immense joy to you as well.

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