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If you ask us, there is nothing better for the winter blues than some time indoors with holiday decor, winter candles (or a fireplace if you are lucky!), and romantic music. If anxiety this holiday season has you down, read on to learn about how CBD can help to heat things up in the bedroom.

From improving your mood and decreasing any tension around intimacy, Full Spectrum CBD Oil can aid as a means to improving sexual function for both parties. If you have any challenges in the romance department, read on to see how CBD can help with improving your mindset and aid in performance.

CBD for Naturally Setting the Mood

With a range of tried, and practiced holistic benefits to consuming CBD, intimacy is on our list of favorites. When it comes to sex, both Cannabis and CBD have the capacity to boost mood, and relax performance anxiety when taken in the right doses. By aiding in relaxation and impacting mood, performance, anxiety be gone! While the capacity to measure these amounts to an exact dose has been limited due to federal regulations, there are many willing to try.

In releasing emotional and physical inhibitions by consuming both CBD and THC, studies have shown that there is a chance to improve the sexual experience. When taken for pleasure, many have found it easier to embrace natural libido and enjoy sex with CBD.

The challenge of finding the right headspace can be a challenge for many this season. By decreasing anxiety and increasing the ability to embrace arousal, read on to learn more about how CBD can work for you.

How CBD can improve your Mood: Serotonin and Relaxation

CBD is said to have both anti-inflammatory and anticonvulsant properties. While testing on humans has been limited, the stress relief provided by CBD may well enhance the emotional and physical experience of intimacy.

Over 40 million individuals in the US are affected by levels of excessive and unwarranted anxiety, which may lead to more extensive health concerns if not treated early. While stress is a natural, and adaptive response to external threats, in certain moments stress may show up uninvited, and can limit our ability to relax and feel good.

Stress and anxiety response patterns can interfere with our emotional and quite often physical landscape, and possibly limit our ability to enjoy the things that make us happy.

When our natural response to emotional or physical stress limits our expression to feel good- it can begin to negatively affect our relationships. In a 2012 study, CBD was measured for its ability to raise serotonin levels, and to positively influence our synaptic response in the brain.

Serotonin is a relevant factor responsible for modulating all of our inhibitory processes in the CB1 receptors. Anything from a lack of desire, or arousal can be altered by affecting the CB1 receptor. CBD has the capacity to do just this.

With questionnaire data having been used in early studies to measure women’s sexual function while consuming cannabinoids – collected data indicated that there were dose-dependent effects on female sexual desire and receptivity. It was found that low doses can facilitate sexual arousal with minimal to no effect but high doses inhibit the capacity to engage in intimacy.

If the experience of pain post sexual activity is something that you are concerned about, CBD is said to alleviate pain. When taken sublingually, CBD oils can aid in alleviating chronic pain, discomfort, and reduce inflammation related to a wide array of health conditions.

On Women’s Performance: Mind the Ratio of THC and CBD

THC and CBD can be combined for the ‘bliss effect’. Anandamide is the Endocannabinoid made naturally by our ECS. This word comes from the Sanskrit word, Ananda meaning ‘joy, bliss or delight’. The Ayurvedic system of medicine has long used cannabinoids to treat sexual dysfunction.

Different compounds in cannabis tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or cannabidiol (CBD) have the capacity to impact our mood and behavioral responses in unique ways. There is more study required to understand which cannabinoids affect either gender in different ways.
When taken as in a ratio dosage, such as 1 CBD : 1 THC for women, studies have pointed towards arousal from both touch, and receptivity to pleasure in the emotional landscape. For men, results have contradicted themselves, depending on the use. For both, it is advised to go low and slow with dosing cannabinoids as everybody’s system will respond differently depending on the natural Endocannabinoid system (ECS).

On Mens Performance: The Science Says…

The same stimulus has been known to create different behavioral responses based on sex in animal based studies. Despite the psychoactive effects or the CB1 receptor in the brain being antagonized by consuming THC, cannabis has long been used in eastern medicine with men to treat erectile dysfunction alongside other neuropsychiatric disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

As western science is still limited in formal research for treating erectile dysfunction with either THC and CBD, you may have to try it for yourself.

Due to both THC and CBD formerly being a schedule 1 drug- the 2018 Farm bill, along with the updates in federal policy towards medicinal marihuana sales have allowed for hemp based products, and medically prescribed marijuana to reach the masses within the US. As The CB1 receptor is directly antagonized by consuming THC, and CBD only interacts with the CB2 receptor.

With overconsumption of cannabis, men have been noted to have a decreased libido. CBD primarily interacts with the CB2 receptors, as the CB2 receptor hosts a wide array of functions, there is no one isolated benefit to taking CBD for sexual pleasure. However, the stimulation physically may be heightened by the use of CBD topicals, or Full Spectrum Oil taken at least 4 hours ahead of you getting intimate.

CBD and Condoms

When considering experimenting with any kinds of topical products to get you in the mood, it is valuable to note what ingredients are used, and whether these are safe for protected sex.

If your are using home made CBD oil for intimate massage, bear in mind not to use mineral oils as a base. It turns out that those increase the possibility of damage.

CBD and contraceptive pills

As CBD interacts as a strong regulator in many cases, especially women have to take several points into considerations if they are taking OCPs as their preferred birth control method.

Extensive studies have yet to be conducted to determine the impact on estrogen-based birth control. According to this study, however, CBD interacts just like grapefruit with the P450 enzyme in the liver which is responsible for the breakdown of almost 60% of all medications and can inhibit its ability to process certain drugs.

The wrap up

When it comes to effectively using CBD for sex, its best to give your desired dosage of CBD time to peak within the system, roughly 40 minutes after dosing to experiment with the behavioral effects. As biological sex and gender does instruct one’s response, the effects will vary depending on cannabinoids, ratio consumed, and gender. The benefits of CBD are multifold, and ultimately lead to relaxation and feeling more comfortable in the body. When used for intimacy, CBD can be an excellent resource.

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