CBD and seasonal change

Seasonal change

Spring is all about changes: new beginnings, new goals, and a whole new type of weather to deal with. Our summer clothes are already ready, but our winter sweaters can’t be put away just yet. In short, spring is full of surprises.

So it’s no wonder that our bodies and minds struggle with the daily fluctuations in temperature and weather. Sometimes hot, sometimes cold, sometimes sunny, then again rain or even snow – what can we adjust to?

And it’s not just our bodies that go through a rollercoaster ride during this time; the arrival of spring triggers all kinds of changes in nature, many of which mean more blossom, and where there is blossom, allergies are often not far behind.

And this is where CBD comes in:

  • Can CBD help balance our bodies and minds as the seasons change?
  • Is CBD helpful for allergy sufferers?
  • Which CBD product is best for warmer temperatures?

CBD and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Even though Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is most often associated with the days becoming darker and shorter, changing weather conditions of all kinds still have an impact on our mood, whatever the time of year; one day we feel great and invincible, the next day it’s all doom and gloom. Especially in the current situation, we’re all feeling a bit out of balance, and the changing seasons don’t help that.

Alongside with a healthy diet, workouts and allocating quality time for ourselves, CBD might come in handy here.

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is well known for its balancing effects on the human body and mind. Additionally, studies have shown that CBD has promising psychiatric potential as an antidepressant-like compound.

Whether or not we suffer from a depression-like condition, CBD can definitely help all of us to keep our minds in balance as the weather is in flux.

CBD & allergies

It might be one of the most aesthetically-pleasing times of the year, but for many, the arrival of spring can mean nothing but horror and sniffles.

Birch, alder and hazel are some of the more common allergy-causing flora, but there are many more that can cause itchy eyes, nasal congestion and an allergy-related cough.

An increase in pollen from trees and shrubs also means many asthma sufferers see their symptoms worsen during spring. Due to a disturbance in the immune system, sufferers often experience inflammation of the bronchial tubes during the change of season, which has an impact on the important exchange of carbon and oxygen.

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, a study found that CBD can reduce airway inflammation in asthma caused by allergies. This study, and others like it, show promising initial results indicating that CBD may help sufferers of hayfever to breathe more easily this spring!

CBD for warm weather

It’s common knowledge that you shouldn’t expose edible oils to direct sunlight or warm temperatures as this can cause them to go off. So if you like to carry your CBD with you in the summer, it might be worth switching to another form of CBD to ensure that you’re always getting the best quality product.

For life on-the-go, chewing gums enriched with CBD are particularly ideal. These are convenient, handy and perfect for a quick dose of CBD. If you generally prefer a higher dosage of CBD Oil, CBD Capsules might me more up your street. With different stronger concentrations, they offer a handy alternative to oils and tinctures.

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