Boost Your Mood With Gratitude and CBD

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We’re grateful for quality hemp and CBD! What are you grateful for?

How To Improve Your Productivity & Lifestyle With Gratitude?

Absolutely all of us have several reasons to be thankful. Despite this, gratitude is not always present within us, perhaps because we go through life too quickly without having time to appreciate what we have. Another reason may be that we’ve been forced many times to be thankful for things without actually feeling it and this has caused us to reject or block this emotion. To be grateful is to live in the moment.

Think about it, the moment you stop for a second to say: “thank you” or “wow, this is beautiful”, you are not thinking about the past or the future, you are anchored in the present.

Do You Want To Be More Grateful?

Here are three possible ways to adopt gratitude as a habit. Perhaps some of these ideas may seem obvious to you (however, how many times do we not take into account the obvious?) But I think the second way will surprise you.

Shall we begin?

1. Pay attention to the present

Have you ever heard the expression “stop and smell the roses?” It’s an idiom that means to relax and take time out of one’s busy schedule to enjoy or appreciate the beauty of life. In order to embrace the feeling of gratefulness, it’s necessary to stop, look around, and be aware of where you are and what you have. Realizing the good things around you requires attention, that is the key, sometimes also silence.

Some suggestions to make this exercise of stopping and paying attention to the good in life include:

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Keep A Journal

Keep a journal in which you write down 3 things you are sincerely thankful for before bedtime.

If journaling is not your thing, you could also join a Facebook group or other online forum where people discuss gratefulness and share positive messages. The advantage of writing down and not just thinking about things you’re grateful for is that those words stay there forever, they are not blown away by the wind or buried under gray thoughts.

Start a Jar Of Gratitude

Instead of writing the things you are grateful for in a notebook, write them down on small pieces of paper, buy a glass jar, and put them there regularly. Every time you feel and/or experience gratefulness throughout the year, keep it in the jar. You will notice the joy that you will feel when you see how your “jar of gratitude” is filling day by day.

Have A Moment Of Gratitude

Without writing, you can set a fixed time in the day to give thanks, for example in the morning as soon as you wake up or just before bed when you are in bed reviewing what has happened throughout the day.

You can set a reminder in your phone so that, for example, twice a day, you will hear an alarm that you will name “gratitude” which will remind you that it is time to stop for a couple of minutes, wherever you are, to ask yourself:

What is happening right now that you deserve to say thank you for?

If you can stop many times to randomly look at your Instagram feed, why not stop for a moment to analyze what is worthy of appreciation here and now? Whatever the way, writing, or just thinking, creating a thank you routine will have very beneficial effects in the long-term. You just need to choose the way and … get down to it!

2. Appreciate What You Already Have

Cut back on unnecessary shopping. Be nostalgic and go through your old stuff.

Go shopping in your own home

What does shopping in your home consist of?

Basically in searching all the drawers and cabinets in our home to the bottom and rescuing those wonderful, useful, or practical things that you already have and that you may have forgotten about because we had forgotten its existence. Along the way, you may also throw away, donate, or give away many others that no longer contribute anything.

The beautiful and useful objects that are found when shopping at home will impress you. Shopping in your own home is an exercise of gratefulness, first because you realize that you had beautiful things without knowing it and second because you put back to value what was hidden by collecting dust.

How to be more grateful? Look for things that genuinely awaken this feeling

We want to invite you to spend a few minutes looking for those reasons you have to be thankful. The more the better, possibly your life is full of them. The key to realizing these motives is simple but often overlooked: You have to discover the things that are truly important to you, the ones that make you happy. So, what are you grateful for?

Key Takeaways

Just waking up and feeling really grateful has amazing benefits. Although some days can be more difficult than others, try to make it a habit to practice gratefulness daily. When you find yourself stressed thinking of the workday ahead, you can actually calm yourself with gratefulness.

Just a simple act of smiling can make a lot of difference to you and to people around you. Duchenne’s research on human facial expressions has given mankind with rich references and the value of a smile.

Research shows that appreciation can help your physical + psychological health, enhances empathy + reduces aggression, improves sleep + self-esteem, and increases mental strength.

We’re grateful for quality hemp and CBD! What are you grateful for?

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