6 Smokable Herbs That Aren't Cannabis

smokable herbs

Though cannabis is good to smoke, the tricky thing about it is that it’s prohibited in some countries. There are only a few countries in the world that legally allow cannabis to be used for smoking with or without a prescription.

So are there other herbs that are safe to smoke?

Many people who smoke cannabis flower either mix it with tobacco or don’t mix it at all and smoke it pure. After the ban on tobacco smoking in pubs in 2008, coffeeshops had to find other ways for consumption indoors than the usual blend of weed and tobacco. Soon they introduced a new herbal smoking blend as an alternative to tobacco. Such herbal smoking blends can also be a good idea for someone who quit smoking and wants to avoid tobacco.

Many people aren’t aware that smoking herbs are an ancient way of administering medicine. Today, I’ll share 6 healthful herbs for herbal smoking blends.

Herbal Smoking Blends; What Are They?

Herbal smoking blends or herbal smoking mixes are those made from a mixture of different herbs that are suitable for smoking. Usually, herbs used in them are those that exhibit specific aroma whenever dried and burned.

At present, highly developed societies use this for recreation purposes. However, in uncivilized cultures found in remote locations, smoking mixes are used to communicate with deities during religious ceremonies and plays an important role in traditional medicine.

Users attest to the medicinal benefits of herbal smoking mixes. Some say that it relieves chronic pains, improves focus and mindset, fights tension or depression, and other mental and physical health conditions.

A few examples of popular ingredients used in smoking blends are as follows:

  • Spearmint Leaf
  • Mullein Leaf
  • Red Raspberry Leaf
  • Blue Skullcap
  • Lobelia
  • Passion Flower

So what makes the herbs mentioned above special? To find out, let’s move to the second part of this article.

6 Great Herbs for Your Smoking Blend

Spearmint Leaf

Spearmint, also known as garden mint, is a plant that commonly grows in Europe and certain temperate locations in Asia. The leaves of this plant are characterized by their cool scent which soothes the senses.

In the Philippines and other parts of Asia, spearmint leaf is used to treat clogged nose and coughs. Locals utilize its medicinal properties by either boiling it in water or by crushing the leaves using mortar and pestle to get the oils.

If you’re feeling numb lately, smoking mixes using spearmint leaf is what you need. Smoking spearmint will improve your body circulation and relaxes the nerves. At the same time, it also has the ability to improve breathing which makes it particularly useful to those who have weak lungs.

Lastly, because of its refreshing taste, spearmint is recommended to be used by those wishing to quit tobacco.

Mullein Leaf

Mullein Leaf

Mullein (Verbascum thapsus) or the common mullein is an herb that commonly grows in Europe, northern Africa, and Asia. Because of its medicinal properties, it became popular and was cultivated in America and Australia. This plant grows easily and may become invasive when left unattended. That said if you’re planning to grow this plant on your garden, ensure that you have a plot exclusive for it.

Mullein is commonly prepared as a tea. It does well in reducing inflammation. Also, it is also used in treating respiratory ailments such as bronchitis and pneumonia.

Recently, mullein leaf is becoming a popular ingredient for smoking blends because it’s really effective at reducing the prevalence of lung problem symptoms. The tasteless light smoke of Mullein is ideal for soothing infected or inflamed lungs. Because it’s non-toxic and very gentle, mullein leaf smoke is widely used by those who have tuberculosis.

Red Raspberry Leaf

Red Raspberry Leaf

Red Raspberry is a perennial variety of the rose family. This plant is native to Europe and Central Asia. Right now, red raspberries are grown in various parts of the world for commercial purposes due to the popularity of its fruits which is used as an ingredient for various kinds of consumer products.

Out of all the items mentioned here, red raspberry is perhaps the most studied plant. Various studies attest to this plant’s healthful benefits because its fruits contain a lot of antioxidants, phytochemicals, phenolics, and ascorbic acids. Red raspberry is a popular plant for skincare.

Aside from its fruit, red raspberry leaf might also have a significant impact on healthcare. Just like the fruit, raspberry leaf has a lot of antioxidants and other essential vitamins that your body needs. Smoking raspberry leaf neutralizes nicotine present in the blood, reduces blood sugar levels, reduces pain during childbirth, and may even be useful for couples struggling to have kids.

Blue Skullcap

Blue Skullcap

Blue skullcap or mad dog skullcap is a perennial herb that belongs to the mint family. Therefore, this plant and spearmint are somehow related to one another. This herb is used as a mild sedative or as an ingredient for sleeping pills and is ideal to be used for treating insomnia or other sleeping disorders. Aside from this, it also contains a lot of flavonoids which have anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and anti-allergic effects.

When used as smoke, this herb as a neutral flavor. It’s advised that you use a smoking blend with this plant as an ingredient when feeling uneasy, restless, or having a hard time falling asleep.



Lobelia, also known as puke weed, is a plant that traditionally grows to eastern North America. There are at least 435 species of lobelia each with their own distinct characteristics. Most of them have been utilized for medicinal purposes. Native Americans used this plant for ceremonies. Aside from this, it’s also used to relieve respiratory ailments and muscle tension.

When used as smoke, Lobelia has a mild sedating effect. Aside from this, it may also relieve episodes of asthma or reduce the prevalence of lung problems.

However, it’s advised that you only use lobelia periodically. It has a property called lobeline which may induce addiction just like nicotine. This is the reason why this plant is banned in Italy and Bangladesh.

Passion Flower

Passion Flower

Wild apricot or passion flower is a plant that grows wildly in various parts of the United States. Lately, people have been cultivating it as an ornament for gardens and for commercial purposes.

When used as smoke, passion flower has this grassy taste that first-time smokers might not like. However, as they get used to it, the unfavorable taste becomes agreeable. The after taste of its smoke is a mix of different mild and earthy flavors that you will love.

Smoking passionflower well do well for pain relief and for sleeping better. However, it’s advised that you mix it with other herbs because smoking it without diluting might make you euphoric.

How To Make An Herbal Smoking Blend

Components of a Good Herbal Smoking Mix

Your Herbal Mix Must Have:

  • Base herbs: these are herbs that are fluffy or stringy
  • Action Herbs: these are the main ingredients of your smoking mix. The herbs listed here may be used as action herbs.
  • Astringent: this is a single herb that will complement the base herbs and action herbs.
  • Acute/kicker herbs– Herbs that give an after taste

the proportion of the components mentioned above must be:

  • 40% of the mix must be base herbs
  • 40% of the mix must be action herbs
  • 15% of the mix must be astringent herbs
  • 5% must be kicker/acute herbs

Create Your Own Herbal Smoking Blends

Pluck the leaves of each herb or the specific parts that may be used for your smoking blend wash the leaves/parts thoroughly with water dump them in a small container with a lid and shake for 30 seconds put the base herbs first in the blender, then follow with the action herbs, and so on. roll them in paper or put them in a plate to dry them before storing them.

note: do not dry the herbs too much because a smoking mix that lacks moisture tastes boring.

Parting Thoughts

The herbs that we’ve discussed are some of my favorite smoking herbs. I’ve made an article about them since they’re easily available and most people shouldn’t have any difficulties getting them. Also, they’re herbs researched for their medicinal benefits. As a piece of advice, you need to be more vigilant when using lobelia or passionflower.

As we part ways, allow me to say that these herbs have helped a few friends of mine to quit smoking cigarettes. In fact, vaping cannabis is more pleasant, healthier, and effective. Choose herbal smoking blends that include some of the herbs I’ve listed and you’ll get back on track in the blink of an eye.

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