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Embrace CBD products into your daily routine. Hemp products and extracts are justifying their applicability to diverse areas of lifestyle.

The Cambridge dictionary defines Routine as ‘a usual fixed way of doing things’. Now, If I tell you to take CBD 3 times a day, 21 times a week, 84 times a month, 1008 times a year, Would you fit into this routine? No! I would definitely not fit in!

In this blog, I would like to give you a new perspective on setting a routine that fills you with creative life energy that could keep you away from monotony and boredom.

I would like to give you a three-fold objective. Follow it only if you are completely convinced about it.

  1. Own your routine -How to find and set your own customized routine
  2. CBD Routine – How to incorporate CBD into your own personalized routine that you own

‘OWN’ your ‘ROUTINE’

Set your own routine. And own it!

In our childhood days, Our parents set our routines like brushing teeth, bathing, studying, playing, dinner time, etc. All these formed as foundational routines, that we hardly quit them. As children, we felt a sense of safety while practicing them.

Adult needs for a routine are more sophisticated. We tend to expect value for every routine so as to stick to it. And in general, we attach three aspects to this value.

The world’s great philosophers have left behind a legacy of knowledge. Let us borrow some from them.

According to French philosopher René Descartes, who considered the mind-body distinction as ‘real distinction’ that mind and body are really distinct that each could exist all by itself. Also, the Dualism theory of Pluto and Aristotle are philosophies that various cultures accept and follow.

Therefore it is clear that we need to set different schemes of routines for the mind, body, and soul. Drawing from this understanding, the three aspects that adults attach to a ‘routine’ would be:

  • Physical needs
  • Emotional needs
  • Psychological needs

Although there exists a strong interconnection between the three, they are distinct and we need to understand this to set a routine that would cater to the fulfillment of each of these.

Only when the routines that we follow deliver expected results we stick to it. If not, for sure we are bound to lose interest and quit.

For example, If you have a routine to run for 3 km every evening. The benefit that you expect from it would be health and fitness. What if, despite a heavy physical routine, you are unable to get enough sleep? or you feel unhappy?!

You are definitely missing something from the emotional or psychological needs, isn’t it?

It could be because of stress and pressure from professional life or even relationship problems. This needs to be fixed too!

Does that sound complicated?!

Let me make it simple for you. Write down the problem areas of life that you are currently experiencing and set a routine that can help you to overcome them.

Remember to separate out routines that can fulfill the three aspects of your needs. (Physical, emotional, and psychological)

You know what suits you best. You need not follow a popular Youtuber or a celebrity or a health expert’s hacks. Be creative, innovate a new routine that is totally novel. ‘Own’ your routine!

CBD Routine

Having laid out a crystal clear routine, let me take you through how to incorporate CBD into your routine.

With the foundation of a healthy body, the mind becomes stress-free and functions effectively. Life becomes more meaningful.

There is an interesting research study conducted on the degree to which practicing a routine relates to feelings of ‘meaning in life’. According to this study conducted for the Personality and social psychology Bulletin 2019, the author concluded that living a life characterized by routines was found to be associated with higher meaning in life. Also, life is not only made meaningful through extraordinary experiences but also the way we live our daily life.

Health supplements may be of immense support that aid you towards improved health that compliments your physical and mental health.

Hemp products and extracts are justifying their applicability to diverse areas of lifestyle. There are countless possibilities to creatively embrace CBD products into your diet routine that are plentily available in the form of Oils, Capsules, vapes, supplements, cosmetics, etc.

Right from kick-starting your day with a cup of warm tea infused with CBD, until the end of a busy day to fall asleep like a baby, CBD can become not only a part of your routine but also a lifestyle.

The functional value of CBD is multifaceted. Professionals from various walks of life including athletics and competitive sports are embracing CBD in their routine. This is because of the growing body of knowledge about the several beneficial effects that CBD has on the human body, which leads to some encouraging changes in the law. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) removed CBD from the list of prohibited substances.

This major move could possibly be one of the reasons why more and more commoners are also becoming more aware of CBD products and their potential properties. They have incorporated CBD in their everyday food, including Tea, Coffee, Smoothies, Salads, cookies, etc while also making informed choices about CBD cosmetics.

What’s special about 21 days routine?

According to Maxwell Maltz, a plastic surgeon in the 1950s, he noticed a pattern in his patients on whom he performed plastic surgeries. Whether it was a surgery performed on face, nose, or arm, he observed that every patient showed a tendency to get accustomed to their new look in 21 days.

With a series of similar observations and experiences, Maltz propounded that it takes about 21 days for a person to form a new habit. This finding began to influence professionals from various fields, along with the publication of his book Psycho-Cybernetics on behavior change in 1960, this myth became so popular that society started to circulate the story and started to hogwash that ‘it takes 21 days to form a new habit’!

Maltz was simply making some observations out of his professional experience and not a statement that he wished to tell the world. It was just a pattern.

Remember the Chinese whisper or the telephone game? Although it is a fun-filled team building game, the moral of the game is to understand how indirect communication corrupts simple information. It’s played in school to teach children the harmful effects of the spread of gossip.

Hence, there is no hard and fast rule that you need 21 days to establish a routine that you need to set. Social, Cultural, emotional, psychological, geographical factors also influence the mental make up of a person.

So, how long does it truly take to begin a new habit and make it routine?

According to a study by Phillippa Lally, a health psychology researcher, published in the European Journal of Social Psychology, studied 96 people for 12 weeks to observe how long they took to form a new habit and were able to stick to it.

Observing from the study, the simplest of a routine habit to a most complex task, the results of the study indicated that it took more than 2 months up to 254 days, or even more. It depended upon the individual person and circumstances.

Now do you get the point, ‘Own’ your ‘own routine’!😊

Set your expectations, and keep working on it. Never mind to stick to any number or force yourself to follow it strictly. You don’t have to be so hard on yourself. Relax! Take it calmly! That’s what CBD gifts you with at first.

Take one day at a time, try and organize it the best possible way to be happy. Try this every day! Even if you miss or fail one day, never mind. Get up and get back on track!

As I have shared with you some logical and pragmatic approaches to set your routines, start with a CBD incorporated routine as a part of your diet, observe the bodily and psychological changes that you experience. You will feel more relaxed, with improved quality sleep routine, switch to a self-introspection mode, and enhance your relationship with yourself.

Notes for CBD Beginners Routine

  • Try in small quantities and notice changes. How to start using CBD gives you a step by step process of incorporating a CBD routine.
  • For a start, you could begin with supplements which are hemp-derived and are considered a natural alternative to various health-related concerns.
  • Try out our 5% or 15% CBD Oil also hemp-derived, full-spectrum oil, and a light version for beginners.
  • CBD e-liquids that come as full-spectrum and in 8 different amazing fruit flavors are a popular choice amongst beginners as well.
  • In addition to drops, capsules and crystals, our CBD Creams are suitable for anyone who wants to take care of their skin in a plant-based and natural way.
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