Stay Safe; Stay Well

Just take a deep breath and think for a moment, what constitutes good health? And who is responsible for it? How can good health be maintained always?

The simple single answer to all these questions is ‘I’. 


Say this to yourself aloud every day. Own your health routine“.We all know it, but doing it, takes time and we end up finding several reasons for not being able to keep up to it.

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We are responsible for our own health. Be it a simple common ailment or a dreadful disease, it begins with day to day habits. Therefore, turning everyday habits into a healthy one plays a crucial role in determining one’s physical as well as mental health.

Day to day health has always been given importance since time immemorial. For Example, tracing Ancient Egyptian Medicine, Greek Medicine, and the Indian Ayurvedic Medicine, studied the various humor in the body, also called the body fluids. Although each system had different approaches to them, it can be generalized into four broad categories. 

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They are blood, phlegm, yellow bile, or black bile. These four are the main determinants of health and pain. If these substances are in the right proportions in the human body a good state of health is said to be achieved. Any deficiency or an imbalance in these constituents, it triggers pain and disease.


The food that we eat plays an important role in determining the quantities and qualities of these body fluids. Maintaining the right balance throughout one’s life is the most difficult part of staying healthy.

Having said that, ensuring the safety of food is also equally essential considering current pandemic times. Consuming safe food is extremely important for personal, social, and economic reasons. 

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The modern-day lifestyle poses several challenges in front of us every day that prevent us to stay focussed on achieving that balanced state of health. While, sedentary lifestyle, deteriorated food quality, depletion of natural resources, etc become the implications, the advancement in technology, increasing health awareness, the advent of fitness centers, gymnasiums, and the increasing health supplements become the key drivers of the Industry. 

According to market research, the global dietary food supplements market size is projected to reach above 230 billion USD.  

Social Media and the Internet also plays a supportive role in not only educating consumers and increasing awareness but also marked improvement in a shift in consumer choices to alternative and sustainable products. 

Taking into consideration the health and dietary supplements, CBD and CBD based products occupy a prime position in the market. The misconceptions about the product have changed and people have started to explore the medicinal properties of various CBD products. Nordic oil offers various CBD products, each of which has unique properties that could be of immediate effect. 

Incorporate CBD into your daily routine, and observe phenomenal changes in body functions. It combines with the endocannabinoid system in the human body and supports to stabilize anxiety, stress, and thereby enhance good sleep. A night of good sleep restores good health by keeping away from problems such as stress, memory loss, blood pressure fluctuations, mood swings, and weight management.


When we think about health supplements, a wide variety of products are available in the markets which suit a wide range of consumers falling under different age groups. Every individual’s choice of including a health supplement varies. 

For Example, a sports professional might opt for a particular health benefit while a mother might look for something more specific for her child, an ailing patient might want it as a cure or remedy. 

In this information world, we are loaded with lots of information and these are available on easily accessible platforms. We need to make sure that we invest time to understand and make a study, build awareness about the various choices that are available and make the right choices, and look for natural alternative options that provide us with long-lasting benefits.

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I am Akeso. A seeker. Natural medicine is what I seek. I have been ardently practicing a lifestyle led way of living for the past five years and I am very happy about it. Rediscovering our ancient cultures, learning about contemporary healing practices, and alternative medicines, and trying them out is my all-time passion. I document and record the outcomes of my experiential learnings and share them with friends who seek my help. The opportunity to understand the invaluable botanical gifts of mother nature, amazing people whom I have met so far, add great value to every day of my life! I wish to spread this positivity to as many people as possible. The numbers are encouraging so far. Thank You! I got one more today! :) Invigoratingly, A k e s o

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