Happy Croptober! It’s Cannabis Harvest Season

What Is Croptober?

Cannabis is an annual plant that flowers from late summer into autumn. Growing season begins in March or as late as May when the seeds are planted; these seedlings quickly develop branches and leaves over the next few months, becoming taller and bushier until longer nights after the summer solstice trigger the flowering phase. When cannabis cultivation occurs outdoors in Europe, you can enjoy an overabundance of fresh flowers after the yearly Croptober harvest.

For those of you who are not familiar with what Croptober is, it’s a nickname for the outdoor cannabis harvesting season. Croptober starts in September. But for most growers, Croptober typically occurs throughout the month of October. Every year, at this time, the annual outdoor cannabis crop comes in. Just like wine, millions of pounds of buds have ripened in the fall fields. Farmers were up at dawn today cutting, drying, curing and trimming for the market.

Commercially grown outdoor cannabis is sold cheaply and speedily in late fall and winter. In the months of September through November, the flowers are cut down, dried, and trimmed before entering the market. Top-shelf sungrown cannabis becomes available more gradually in the winter and early spring. By midyear, stockpiles dwindle and prices rise as surplus turns to scarcity. In the tropics, near the Equator, it is actually possible to harvest outdoor cannabis throughout the year.

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A cannabis plant switches from the vegetative to the flowering stage when the days get shorter and the nights get longer. The precise timing varies depending on latitude. A strain that starts flowering in early July when cultivated in the US should not flower until August way up in Canada or Holland. In Hawaii, that same strain may be capable of flowering at almost any time.

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