CBD For Chronic Pain – Reviews & Experiences From Customers

More and more people with different pain patterns try to alleviate their suffering with the natural hemp extract CBD – sometimes very successfully. This may be due to the anti-inflammatory, relaxing and neuroprotective properties of cannabidiol.

At Nordic Oil, we want to inform people about the positive properties of CBD. Nothing speaks louder than real-life stories, so we have asked our customers to share their experiences. These are our customers’ testimonials. They discuss their daily struggle with pain and how Nordic Oil CBD products have helped them feel better. These stories were collected from Nordic Oil customers and sent to us. If you would like to become part of the Nordic Oil community and share your story with us and the world, please send your experiences to review@nordicoil.de

CBD For Tennis Elbow

Antje’s CBD testimonial

Like countless other people, I have suffered from tennis elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis) for years. More precisely, for a total of 9 years.

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First, it was only on the right, then the left one was added. I was treated by several orthopaedists. Physio, shock wave, immobilization, autohemotherapy, laser and of course countless cortisone injections which gave me relief for a period of 2 to 3 weeks.

Nothing has managed my epicondylitis. As a passionate archer, I suffered a lot from not being able to do my regular training anymore. So I decided to have the worse left elbow operated and already had an appointment with the surgeon.

By chance, I read on google that I get CBD oil from Nordic Oil completely legally, when I was actually looking for something completely different. I already knew that CBD can have a positive effect on inflammation. However, doctors unfortunately only prescribe the praised oil from life-threatening diseases.

I ordered the 500mg oil and started the next day with 3 to 4 drops under my tongue. The effect exceeded all my hopes. Since the first ingestion, my pain became much better. Now, after about 4 weeks, I am completely pain-free. I have resumed the archery training to the full extent and of course, the operation has been canceled. I also sleep so soundly which I haven’t been able to do for years.

As a special bonus, it should be mentioned that one and a half years ago I had an intervertebral disc surgery and nevertheless I always had to struggle with back pain. This pain ins now also getting better and better, although I don’t spare myself when training. If I feel a pinch, I keep the mango-flavored liquid for the e-cigarette in my handbag. That works immediately.

At the moment I take 2 drops of 1500mg CBD under my tongue on the mornings and evenings

CBD For Chronic Pain

Iris’s CBD Testimonial

Dear reader,

I have chronic migraine, ADHD, and occasional joint pain and tendinitis. For this reason, I have been prescribed various medications by doctors.

Of course, these also have side effects. That is why I was looking for a natural medication. I discovered Nordic Oil on the Internet and now I use Nordic Oil 2000mg oil and quickly felt an improvement in my symptoms.

I had anxiety caused by ADHD, irritability in stressful situations and especially in connection with PMS syndrome, it was impossible to bear it 3 days a month anymore.

CBD oil provided me with relief and made the drugs ibuprofen, sumatriptan, opipramol and even stronger drugs redundant.

I am much calmer, less irritated and rarely feel much pain. I take 20% drops throughout the day and can only warmly recommend it to anyone with such diseases and impairments.

CBD For Rheumatic Discomfort And Chronic Pain

Eisi’s CBD testimonial

I’ve been suffering from rheumatic discomfort and chronic pain for 12 years. For a long time, I had to try out different medicines and painkillers. Many things only helped for a limited time. Finally, I ended up with morphine, in the morning and at noon 30mg. Due to the permanent pain (especially in the hands and the various joints) I had to take a mood-lightening medication (Citalopram 30mg in the morning). I didn’t sleep well at night anymore because of the pain. In the morning I always had great difficulties to get up, felt totally beaten.

Then I tried CBD oil. In the beginning, I took 6 drops of 1500mg oil in the morning and 6 drops in the afternoon, 6 drops of 2000mg oil in the evening. Within two days I already noticed considerable improvements: after years I could finally sleep through! Also, the pain became more bearable and meanwhile I only take 20mg morphine once a day.

Currently, I take 5 drops of 1500 mg oil in the morning and 5 drops of 2000mg oil in the evening. I would never have thought that I could ever again be almost pain-free and lead a normal life. My quality of life has improved exorbitantly!

If I have acute pain, joints or even headaches, I additionally take 10-15 drops (depending on the intensity of pain) of 15% oil once, and after half an hour I feel better again. Meanwhile, my pain has become bearable. Unfortunately, I can’t go without morphine yet, but I hope that one day I will be able to get by without it.

CBD for Fibromyalgia, Asthma, Chronic Pain

Sabine’s testimonial

I suffer from fibromyalgia, asthma, chronic pain, have several operations behind me – shoulder, intestine, and abdominal area. The movement in one of my shoulders is restricted and for this, I take CBD oil 5%.

I’ve been taking painkillers for years and have been asked by my doctor if I would like to test CBD oil. After researching on the internet and taking it for the first time, I had fewer complaints the next day.

I can say that I take less medication because of the oil as I get along very well with the drops. I take 2×3 drops a day and I’m fine with it.

*Nordic Oil’s products are available in a number of countries, therefore the reviews and testimonials we receive are in many different languages. The customer reviews and testimonials within this article have been translated for the convenience of our English speaking readers

If you would like to share your story with us and have it published on the Nordic Oil websites, please send us a short text, together with a picture of yourself or a before & after photo of your condition (if applicable) at review@nordicoil.de

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