CBD for Inflammation – Testimonials & Reviews

The anti-inflammatory effect of cannabidiol has now been thoroughly investigated. This property makes CBD products particularly valuable for patients suffering from a disease associated with inflammation.

At Nordic Oil, we want to inform people about the positive properties of CBD. Nothing speaks louder than real-life stories, so we have asked our customers to share their experiences. These are our customers’ testimonials. They talk about their daily struggle with inflammation and how Nordic Oil CBD products have helped them feel better. These stories were only collected from Nordic Oil customers and sent to us. If you would like to become part of the Nordic Oil community and share your story with us and the world, please send your experiences to review@nordicoil.de

CBD for Crohn’s disease

Sandra’s CBD Testimonial

Seven years ago, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. After severe relapses, I had to take cortisone drugs and additionally I got immunosuppressive drugs, which I had to take daily for 7 years to prevent another relapse.

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This immunosuppressant turned all my blood levels upside down, always had very low blood levels and was also very often weak and sick. Had daily bowel movements up to 4 times a day.

Then last year in November I was made aware of CBD. I informed myself about it and started with 500mg oil with 2×2 drops daily. After only 2 months I went again to have my blood test and I was astonished – all my values were in the norm and physically I also felt very fit and more active again. Bowel movements were reduced to only 2 times a day. So I went to the doctor and had a colonoscopy written down, which in the end looked as if I had never had Crohn’s disease.

My intestine was like new, the doctor said. So we agreed to stop taking the immunosuppressive medication and since then there have been no more complaints, my bowel movements have even been reduced to only once a day and my blood values also remain stable. In short, I live like a healthy person again.

I can’t live without the oil now! I take 2 drops only in the evening because it also helps me sleep through the night. CBD oil is an absolute must in every house. It has helped me a lot and is still doing it and I hope that other people feel the same way as I do.

CBD for bronchial inflammation

Oliver’s CBD testimonial

At the beginning of the year, I fell ill with severe pneumonia which was treated with various antibiotics. Unfortunately, this therapy also had serious side effects such as insomnia, inner restlessness, anxiety, etc..

In my distress, I searched for help and found the Nordic Oil website on the Internet. There I ordered Mani and CBD Softgels 10%. The delivery was very fast and after a few days, the extremely unpleasant and frightening side effects disappeared.

I can now fall and stay asleep easily again and the anxiety and restlessness have disappeared. Thank you very much I am very happy.

*Nordic Oil’s products are available in a number of countries, therefore the reviews and testimonials we receive are in many different languages. The customer reviews and testimonials within this article have been translated for the convenience of our English speaking readers

If you would like to share your story with us and have it published on the Nordic Oil websites, please send us a short text, together with a picture of yourself or a before & after photo of your condition (if applicable) at review@nordicoil.de

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