How to start using CBD?

How to start using CBD? Which method of administration gives the best results? What CBD product suits me? One stop destination to all your CBD questions.

Does CBD oil expire?

Checking out the expiry date of any product while making a purchase is a good practice.Like all consumable goods, CBD oil does have an expiry date. Know how to store CBD oil.

How to Clean Your CBD Oil Bottle

CBD oil can leak simply because CBD oil (like all other oils) is very slippery. If the oil flows into the cap or dripper, it prevents the bottle from closing properly.

3 Tips To Make Sure You Get The Most Out Of Your CBD Experience

If you walk into any dispensary, any budtender will tell you that when it comes to cannabis, more THC or CBD is not necessarily better. Cannabis with a higher percentage of THC does not necessarily mean you will get more stoned and more CBD does not make you ‘more healthy. 1. Listen to your body If…