Why is CBD so expensive?

From the farm to your hands. What factors influence the price? A simple discussion to understand the value of money that you pay to buy CBD?

Nigella Sativa

Learn about the numerous pharmacological benefits of Nigella sativa -one of the top-ranked evidence-based herbal medicines.

Water-soluble CBD

Nano-emulsion technology has made CBD, water compatible. Increased efficacy in drug delivery & improved bio-availability has made it possible to infuse CBD to any of your favorite drink!

What’s Eczema?

What’s Eczema? Know the promising role of cannabinoids in the treatment of dermatological conditions and various skin pathologies.


Doing yoga with our pet friends, replicating their stretches, sitting postures can help boost our emotional connect with them.

Cannabis and Curcumin

Curcumin is popularly known for its multiple health benefits. It is often combined with several other agents that its best potential is achieved. What is the science behind this?

Food Safety In The Cannabis Industry

The Corona virus pandemic compelled us to follow hygiene routines, but we have also learned some good lessons that we need to adopt them as a life long practice.